• Trending hair color : Peacock?

    So we all know by now that the music festival and Hollywood A-listers and are experimenting with rainbow hair hues.  Pink is almost the new blonde in hair color these days.  And who ever would have thought that blue, purple and my pretty pony rainbow hair colors would be on the verge of looking mainstream?  Want to know the new trending color? Peacock! Sported in all the trendiest spots this summer, this hair color is officially trending. What do you think?



  • YRU Orion : Still a LOVE

    This basic from YRU is still a favorite of ours.  Who knew such a simple sandal upper on their sturdy, elevated flatform bottom would creative such a cult following.  And, she looks stellar with socks too! The sandal speaks to a whole new generation who are looking for shoes with urban edge. Bottom is super light weight. Shop Orion

    ORiON - WHiTE IV



    ORiON - WHiTE V


  • Lady Gaga and the Y.R.U. Qozmo

    Lady Gaga and her love affair with the YRU Qozmo continues! She can't get enough of this sky high signature platform by YRU.



    Shop the Qozmo Sky:

  • Meet Caitlin

    caitlin on steps ggp v1


    We have a new intern here at Ashbury Skies!  We tapped Caitlin, fresh from Colorado State, to help us out this Fall.  She is full of innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit and she is the perfect compliment to our Ashbury Skies team.  She will be posting about her job, discovering San Francisco and her personal style. We sat down and talked with her about her journey to San Francisco, her favorite shoes on Ashbury Skies and what she can’t live with out. Take a read:




    Why did you journey West?

    I stayed close to home for college, so I knew I would have to get out of Colorado eventually. I was deciding between LA, NYC, or SF. San Francisco stood out to me in so many ways. I love how the many different neighborhoods evolve with every step you take. There is so much character and culture on every street that you can find something new and inspiring every day.


    What did you study in college?

    I majored in Fashion Merchandising and minored with a Business Management degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. CSU's Design and Merchandising program was incredible.


    What do you want to do when you grow up?

    I'd like to be apart of something big, something that has a lot of meaning to it. I won't allow myself to do anything I'm not passionate about so I have a feeling everything will fall into place with time.


    Favorite shoe at Ashbury Skies

    I'm torn between the Leopard Stella by the brilliant Ivy Lee Copenhagen and YRU's Jealousa black jellies. 



    In life I am most inspired by:

    Music, the outdoors, and album covers.


    At the moment, I am obsessed with:

    Almond butter with everything. It's so dangerous.


    I can’t go a day without:

    Listening to good music. Or coffee.


    The best advice I have ever received:

    To always be respectful, accountable, and to never forget the power of positive thinking.


    I can’t live without:

    My family, my best friends and music


    Fav on my play list right now is:

    It's Not Over by Panama


    If I could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be:

    I think we're in luck because not only are high waisted shorts in style, but  full on mom flare jeans are making a major come back. Thank god for jellies, overalls, and high waisted everything. I love the 90's.


    On Friday nights I:

    You can find me out (attempting to) dance with friends, trying new restaurants, or at a show.


    What is your form of caffeine?

    Coffee in the morning, green tea in the afternoon.


    caitlin-green apple v1


  • Irregular Choice: Fawn in blue floral

    Irregular Choice reinvented this famous childhood, doe-eyed charmer in their limited edition shoe collection this season. The ridiculously, adorable Fawn, is ideal for frolicking about in the forest or the city. The Fawn is another completely original shoe by this uber talented London designer. Shop Fawn


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