• Lala Heart, platform sneaker by YRU

    We love how YRU makes their classic styles feel fresh and modern each season. This group of LA artists has ratcheted up their sneaker game with the Lala Heart. Their cult following sneaker, the Lala, got a make-over and this one comes straight from the heart.  Taking inspiration from everything from the LA music scene to the streets of Los Angeles, this team of artists is about making edgy, interesting shoes. If you are in love, grab your pair now as this is a limited edition Lala. Shop here

    YRU platform sneaker, Lala Heartmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Reflective, hologram sneaker by YRU: Aiire Reflective

    Expand your sneaker palette by thinking outside of white. YRU dialed up their sneaker collection by introducing the Qozmo Aiire sneaker with reflective upper.  The upper changes colors, depending on the light source.  Indoors the shoes have a shimmery iridescent cast and in the direct light they will be at their best revealing brighter hues of blue, green and red (like the image below). In case the shimmery, reflective,techno upper is not enough, the bottom lights up too!  Shop here

    reflective, hologram sneaker by YRU

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • YRU 'Qozmo Flame' platform sneaker

    YRU puts out a good dose of measured madness each season so the Qozmo Flame  is no surprise to us.  This inferno inspired flatform is for those who refuse to conform. The Qozmo Flame is a limited edition. If you are in love, grab her now as she won't be coming back. Shop Qozmo Flame


    YRU platform sneakermarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • 'Qozmiq' Reflective platform boot by YRU

    YRU always seems to be one step ahead, and this season is no different.  As always, the YRU girl requires something completely outside the box and this hologram, reflective boot is a star in our view. We are SO on board with this monster, on-trend, party boot. Walk tall and conquer your world in these babies. The color of this boot will change depending on the point of view of the light source.  Indoors, with normal lighting, your boots will be a shimmery grey iridescent color. In direct sunlight, magic rainbow hints of  pink, purple, yellow, blue and green will appear. Shop here

    Reflective Platform boot by YRUmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Our 8 best combat boots

    Chunky, lace-up boots are the favorite of the Hollywood A-listers and all the fashion influencers this season but once you start collecting them, you will realize combat boots are much more than just a fashion thing, they are a way of life.  All the important looks in dresses, call for this quintessential silhouette.  The chunky bottom offers a great balance to flirty dresses and also complements all things denim. Whether you need a break from black and look to floral brocade, go with a classic black, or are feeling white, our selection has all the coveted styles. Take a peek at our season stand outs

    Shelly London, Erin, brocade combat boot

    brocade combat boot

    Shelly London Tyra, black crinkled patent

    modern combat boot by Shelly London

    Jeffrey Campbell Legion, black

    Jeffrey Campbell Legion combat boot

    Jeffrey Campbell Lilith, pink

    Patchwork combat boot by Jeffrey Campbell

    Jeffrey Campbell Lilith, tapestry

    Floral Combat boot by Jeffrey Campbell

    Jeffrey Campbell Gotham


    YRU Slayr Angyl


    YRU Slayr Atlantis

    hologram combat boot

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women









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