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About Us

BENDY. It all started when Mary Sue and Caroline set out to create a super comfortable yet fashionable shoe that could be worn all day. One for navigating the comfort-style dilemma. They know this well, they hail from San Francisco where the hills give you no breaks and style counts. They were frustrated that there were no, stylish, ethically made shoes so they created one.

MARY SUE AND CAROLINE. Mary Sue and Caroline have been in the shoe business their entire careers. They met in their first jobs out of college and became great friends. Over the years they went their separate ways, career wise, but always stayed in touch. Mary Sue, having been in fashion for years and seeing first hand, its' impact on the environment,  decided to create a shoe that was kinder on the planet.  She immediately thought of Caroline to partner with to build this shoe.  She was up for and that’s how it all began.

STYLISH. COMFORTABLE. ETHICAL. They knew a flexible bottom, buttery soft leather upper and a cushioned footbed like the ones in running shoes were the key components. They also knew a low carbon footprint and making it in their home state would make this product like no other shoe ever made.

CALIFORNIA MADE. BENDY is made ethically in sunny California. Their goal is to establish direct, long-term relationships with their makers. They can ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making BENDY. They support a community of shoemakers in Los Angeles. The beleive that how things are made should matter as much as making money.


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