Aggressive fashion.Those were the words Mary Sue used to describe her vision for the Ashbury Skies website. My heart started beating and shouting YES! Here is the thing- safe, tasteful, fashion is beautiful and it serves a roll in a complete wardrobe. But it’s not what makes your heart beat. Bold, standout fashion- that gets us excited. We had both worked for major retailers and have made lasting connections that helped us make our vision a reality- a collection that keeps fashion fun. If you’d like safe & practical, go to a department store or some other mega online retailer. If you want to smile every time you open your closet doors, then AshburySkies is your new favorite spot online.

So why the name Ashbury Skies? Because we are proud San Franciscans. I was born and raised here, Mary Sue migrated to the Haight as an adult. We share a love for free spirits, pioneers and rule breakers- like the souls that started the Barbary Coast, danced in the streets of the Haight Ashbury and coded a new future in the South of Market. While fashion may not be what you think of when you think of San Francisco, we know that people that love design live in NY and LA just as easily as they live in Portland or Nashville.

What’s next? Design & style are everything. One minute we are crazy about western influences, the next minute we can’t get enough of space age. Like art collectors, we are always on the hunt of what we don’t already have or what looks new to our eyes. We like smaller independent designers you cannot find everywhere. We search high and low to give you looks that will be uniquely yours. We will have wins and we might miss the mark every now and again. Keep us honest, let us know how we are doing – good and bad. Our customers are our everything. If you have a brand you want to see, share with us. If you love the style you just picked up from us, we want to see you in it- NOTHING makes us happier than seeing you in the styles we have curated for you. If we make a mistake, we will try our best to make it right. We are a small business and we value your input.

From the heart,

Yvette & Mary Sue


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