BENDY Frequently Asked Questions

 My size is gone. When will you receive more?


To be notified when your size is back, go to the product page and click on your size and enter your email. You will get a notification when your size is back in stock. Black, denim and grey get reordered regularly. Our seasonal and fashion colors come back based on popularity.


My foot is narrow. Will BENDY work?


Our current production runs are medium widths. If you have a slightly narrow foot, the BENDY will fit you. If you are an AA or AAA narrow BENDY will not work for you. Long-term plans include offering the BENDY in additional widths in the future.


My foot is wide. Will BENDY work?


The BENDY fits a medium width. If you have a slightly wide foot, the BENDY will fit you. If you are an D, E or EE BENDY will not work. While we do not currently carry a wide, our future strategy includes developing wider widths.


I have a high in-step. Will BENDY work?


The current BENDY pattern fits a medium instep. Our shoe is Italian suede so it will stretch some on the instep. If your instep is slightly high, the BENDY will stretch to your foot but if you have a true high instep the BENDY will not fit you. We do have exciting new plans in the works for an additional pattern launch in the next year that will fit all instep heights.


Will my BENDYs stretch?


Yes, BENDY is designed to fit like a glove and they do stretch. We use high quality Italian leather that will form to your foot over time. It’s normal for your new shoes to feel snug at first so we suggest wearing them inside for a couple days and they will form perfectly to your feet.


Does the BENDY footbed have arch support?


We have considered foot health every step of the way during our research and development process.  When looking at our footbed, you will not see a false or raised support at the arch, but our footbed supports the arch well. Arch positioning on the foot varies from person to person. Our cushioned, thick footbed is made of slow recovery foam so the ball and the heel of your foot compress when you step down. This creates a natural arch between the ball and heel to support your particular foot shape.


Do your shoes allow for orthotics?


Yes, you can place orthotics on top of our footbed.


Can I return them?


Yes, you have 30 days to return BENDYs that have not been worn outside your home.


Can I exchange them for another size?


Yes, we offer free exchanges. Just reach out to customer service and they will take care of you.


Is leather ethical?

Leather is a by-product of the meat industry no animals are not killed to make BENDYs. Leather is a great material for shoes as it breathes (does not make your feet sweat) and forms to your foot and is more comfortable than synthetic/vegan materials. Most ‘vegan’ materials are petroleum based and the creation of them is at odds with the environment much more than the tanning process. That said, we understand that some women by principal are against animal products. If so, the BENDY is not for them. 


Are any of your shoes vegan?


None of the styles we're offering at the moment are vegan.


How do I care for my BENDYS?

For cleaning the suede upper, you can lightly brush your BENDYs with a proper suede brush or soft bristle tooth brush. For tougher stains, we suggest a proper suede eraser that can be purchased at a local shoe repair shop.

To clean the white bottoms of the BENDY, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads work well.

Do not put your BENDYs in the washer or dryer.

Store them in a cool dry place. 


How does the BENDY have a lower carbon footprint?


The BENDY generates less carbon emissions because it has less than 8 components vs 12-14 in an average casual shoe and 25-30 used in an average sneaker. Because it is more simply made and because it is made in California, there is a vast emission saving from less manufacturing and less overseas transportation.   

The BENDY is cut close to order with frequent small production runs versus manufacturing large quantities. The result is shorter lead-times, more accurate knowledge of customer favorites and less wasted materials. With each production run, we continue finding methods for improvement.


How is the BENDY ethical?


We consider multiple factors in the ongoing search for ethical and sustainably manufactured materials. By selecting suppliers such as a leather tannery with awards for sustainable tanning, to a footbed with 32% eco-content and an insole board made of cardboard where we went from initially having 20% waste to 5% waste, we are very deliberate in reviewing all aspects of our supply chain to create the most ethical product possible.

When choosing where we make our shoes, we also review product quality, speed to market, reduced environmental impact and ethical conditions for the workers. This is why we selected a factory in the United States versus one overseas. We believe in a hands on approach with our factory partners.

We will continue to make product enhancements and provide transparency in communication with our customers by keeping you informed of improvements every step of the way.


What is your box made of?   


BENDY boxes are made of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content. They are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Our box maker is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Made locally made in the United States, the BENDY box is ethically manufactured and designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

The BENDY box is an “all-in-one”. Unlike most packaging where a box is put inside another box for shipping, our shipping box and shoe box are one and the same, thereby reducing waste by 40%. We also hope you use it for storage and if not, go ahead and recycle it.


Where does your leather come from?


Italy. Our Italian tannery uses modern technology and is a leading player in ethical, responsible tanning. They are a leader in minimizing the impact of tanning on the environment and on workers. They have set the gold standard and are sharing this information with others. They developed a water-based finishing process (instead of chemical based) which is safer for the workers and the environment. They have built water purification plants. They have reduced the emission of carbon dioxide by opening 4 co-generation plants.

They hold the Gold Certified Environmental Stewardship Certification (awarded for ethical, environmental and safe practices in the processing of hides). They also hold the BLUE Angel certificate (awarded for minimizing their impact on the health and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases).


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