BENDY Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the BENDY made?

Our shoes are manufactured here in the United States, unlike 98% of the world’s shoes. We have partnered with an innovative factory in our home state of California and are proud of the responsible and ethical approach we take to manufacturing as well as reducing our impact on our planet.


When will you release new colors?

We expect to liven up our BENDY offering with fresh, trend right, colors multiple times per year. To ensure you're always in the loop when new colors are released, sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know! Sign up for the mailing list.


The color I want is gone. When will you receive more?

We recommend acting fast if you see something you love and want to add to your BENDY closet. We do plan to carry some year-round ALWAYS colors such as Black, Grey and a few others.

Many will be FASHION (seasonal) colors and LIMITED EDITION options. We will be freshening up the product offering multiple times every year with new colors, prints, and materials.

From time to time we will bring back hot sellers and favorites. We would love to hear from you about ideas and BENDY favorites so leave us a note here.


How do the shoes fit?

The BENDY runs true to size.


I have a narrow foot. Will you have narrow sizes?

Our first production runs are medium width. Our long term plan will be to offer the BENDY in wide and narrow widths.


Will my BENDYs stretch?

Our shoes are made of 100% Leather which is a natural material. Your shoe may initially feel a bit snug across the instep but will quickly stretch a bit to conform to your foot. We recommend a 1-2 weeks break in period.


What upper materials are used on the BENDY?

Currently, the front is a supple Italian suede and the heel is a rich tumbled Italian leather. Our Italian tannery is a leading player in ethical, responsible tanning. They are a leader in minimizing the impact of tanning on the environment and on workers. They have set the gold standard and are sharing this information with others. They developed a water-based finishing process (instead of chemical based) which is safer for the workers and the environment. They have built water purification plants. They have reduced the emission of carbon dioxide by opening 4 co-generation plants. Our tanner is a Green certified tannery.  


Are any of your shoes vegan?

None of the styles we're offering at the moment are vegan.

Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Although it has its own set of issues, we are working with an Italian tanner that minimizes its impact and has developed their own water treatment center as well as using all water-based tanning. They have received Gold Standard awards for their processes.

Also, leather is a great material for shoes as it breathes (does not make your feet sweat) and forms to your foot and is more comfortable than synthetic/vegan materials. Most ‘vegan’ materials are petroleum based and the creation of them is at odds with the environment much more than the tanning process. That said, we understand that some women by principal are against animal products. If so, the BENDY is not for them.


Do your shoes allow for insole/footbed inserts? Are the footbeds removable and washable?

Absolutely! Our proprietary and highly cushioned performance footbed is removable so it can be washed or even replaced with your own orthotic if needed.

If you wash your footbed, do so with very minimal mild detergent and air dry in a cool dry place.

We hope you find our super squishy and comfy footbed as awesome as we do and want to wear them in all your shoes. With this in mind, our hope is to offer pairs for sale here on the site within the next few months! 


Does the BENDY footbed have arch support?

The BENDY has a wonderful propriety removable footbed that does not include a false arch support. We have considered foot health every step of the way during our research and development process. Feet have many small bones that help us balance and support our bodies. When a typical person wears arch supports, this leaves the shoe to do all of the work that the arch is naturally supposed to do. It actually weakens the foot.

The BENDY has a nice roomy toe box that allows for natural movement and flex. If the toe box is too narrow, then a natural expansion of the feet can't happen. We should be able to comfortably move our toes. By constantly wearing shoes with little support such as flip-flops, sandals, wedges or no height difference from front to back heel, it can harm foot health. These types of shoes change how we walk because we need to clench our toes to grip the shoe.


How do I care for my BENDYs?

Store them in a cool dry place. 

For cleaning, lightly use a suede or nubuck brush for the front of your shoe which is suede. A damp cloth can be used for the heel portion which is leather.

Avoid putting them in the washer or dryer.


How is the BENDY sustainable?

The key to the BENDY is simplicity in design, executed using only 5 components vs. 25-30 in an average sports shoe.

Our team considers multiple factors in the ongoing search for sustainable and ethically manufactured materials. When choosing where we make our shoes, we looked at: product quality, time to market, reduced environmental impact and working conditions for the workers.

We will continue to make improvement and provide transparency in communication with our customers by keeping you informed of improvements every step of the way.  


How does the BENDY have a lower carbon footprint?

The BENDY generates less emissions because it has just five components vs thirty in an average sneaker. The BENDY is cut close to order, so it produces less waste.  Because production is in California, the shoe isn’t transported over vast distances, so it maintains a lower carbon footprint. 




Our box is made 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content. It is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Our box maker is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Made locally made in the United States, the BENDY box is designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind so our shipping box and shoe box are an “all-in-one”. This reduces waste by 30-40%. We also hope you use it for storage and if not, go ahead and recycle it.



Our factory stocks leather right on-site so we can just walk over and pick up what we need for production, thereby reducing transportation all over the globe and reducing carbon emissions.

Our leather originates from an Italian tannery that uses the most modern technology in their tanning process. They are a leading player in ethical, responsible tanning. They developed a water-based finishing process (instead of chemical based) which is safer for the workers and the environment. They have built water purification plants and have reduced the emission of carbon dioxide by opening 4 co-generation plants. They hold the Gold Certified Environmental Stewardship Certification (awarded for ethical, environmental and safe practices in the processing of hides). They also hold the BLUE Angel certificate (awarded for minimizing their impact on the health and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases).

We are just starting to work with two leather suppliers here in California on a program to use dead stock and overages for future production runs. These types of leathers frequently end up in U.S. landfills. When available we plan to buy verified old, leftover, and over-produced leathers.


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