Asporteguesas, wool, cork eco friendly shoe, lavenda
  • Asporteguesas, wool, cork eco friendly shoe, lavenda
  • Asporteguesas, wool, cork eco friendly shoe, lavenda
  • Asporteguesas, wool, cork eco friendly shoe, lavenda
  • Asporteguesas, wool, cork eco friendly shoe, lavenda

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Make life a bit more chill with the Asporteguesas 'City'. This modern, eco-friendly comfort shoe is made of high quality boiled wool and natural cork. The cork used is a 100 percent raw, natural material and tree’s are not cut to harvest the cork. Cork is light and flexible which makes it a great choice for the bottom of a shoe.

The essence and name of Asporteguesas are based on the pillars of the forest that brought it to life... The cork oak forest exists in Portugal and it is one of the 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world. It plays an important role when it comes to fighting desertification and has an impressive capacity to retain CO2 – every year, cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2 – a precious help in terms of reducing greenhouse gases, the main source of climate changes.

  • Wool upper
  • Wool lining
  • Cork sole
  • Made in Portugal

This is our suggested US size conversion:

36:6, 37:6.5, 38:7.5, 39:8.5, 40:9, 41:10

             No socks required.

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Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart

If you don't know your shoe size, this chart will serve as a general guideline.

Measure your foot with a meauring tape or ruler. Make sure you are standing, wearing the type of socks you will wear with your new shoes. Using either inches or centimeters, convert your measurement to your U.S. shoe size or European shoe size. 

U.S. Sizes Europe Sizes U.K. Sizes Inches Centimeters
5 35 2.5 9" 22.8cm
5.5 35.5 3 9 1/8"  23.1 cm
6  36 3.5 9 1/4"  23.5 cm
6.5  37 4 9 3/8"  23.8 cm
7  37.5 4.5 9.5"  24.1cm 
7.5  38  5 9 5/8"  24.5 cm
8  38.5  5.5 9 3/4"  24.8 cm
8.5  39  6 9 7/8"  25.1 cm
9  40  6.5 10" 25.4 cm
9.5  41 7
10 1/8"  25.7 cm
10  42 7.5 10 1/4" 26 cm
11  43 8 10 1/2" 27 cm

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