Interview: James Price, Haus of Price

gem-covered pump shoe for women, by Haus of Price









We are thrilled to launch Ashbury Skies with shoes from Haus of Price. If you don’t know and love this brand already, you will very soon. I met with James Price recently at his Hollywood Studio. His shoes turn heads for sure! Truth be told, I am launching Ashbury Skies because of designers like him. Giving a platform to indie designers is what we are all about. This twenty three year old applies all the jewels on his shoes by hand. He is a fanatic about the details and it shows in each pair. We could not resist the opportunity to share the story of this talented and up and coming designer.

James Price, Haus of Price

My collection is inspired by:
My love of 80's clothing, you know the homemade kind with rhinestones and studs attached to almost every part of it? That really inspired my collection a lot.

When I design, the girl I have in mind is:
My best friend Leah. She is the type of girl who isn't afraid of wearing sequins in the day or pumps to the grocery store. I would say I design for an all around glamour girl. Someone who is confident in their sexiness 24/7.

In life I am most inspired by:
My Mom. She really pushed me to be creative and that is probably where I get most of my drive.

At the moment, I am obsessed with:
Oversized tops and Navajo prints.

I can’t go a day without checking out this blog:
The one blog I really enjoy is  Kelsi the blogger is super amazing and super supportive of young designers, and it doesn't hurt she's featured me a few times!

The best advice I have ever got is:
This was one is super hard cause I only really advise myself. But I would have to say that it was when my mentor told me to always be myself, that people would buy my product because they would like me and see my love of what I've created.

I can’t live without:
90's tv series! Melrose Place, 90210, My So Called Life! I own all of them on dvd and it's probably one of the only things I really can't live without.

Fav on my playlist right now is:
Keri Hilson! I can not take this cd out of my car!

If I could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be:
I would probably bring back all 80's rock star style! I mean that was the only time it was acceptable for guys to wear platforms with leather hot pants!

On Friday nights I:
Stay home! I never go out on the weekends. There was this horrible Paris Hilton quote where she said something to the effect of "there is nothing to do in LA on the weekends, so I go out during the week" ... I feel like she was right!

Redbull or coffee person?
Neither! I'm addicted to Diet Coke, it's like my form of caffeine.

Which of your personal possessions most clearly yells "fashion victim"?:
Umm…. Everything I own! I'm pretty eccentric in my style and I'm not afraid to take a risk because I know it will always pay off!

If you couldn’t design shoes and you could have any other job, what would it be?
I would probably do fashion commentary on the Style or E! network! I would love to be on "Fashion Police" or "How Do I Look?"!


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