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  • DIY: Friendship bracelet shoe laces

    Traditionally, friendship bracelets are given from one person to another as a sign of the bond between two friends. We all made lots of them at summer camp for our BFFs.  Fast forward to 2011 and they have come from camp to cool. These stringy bracelets are showing up on the red carpet to the runway. We got this crazy idea to make friendship bracelet shoes laces. The Jeffrey Campbell Everest hiker has a totally new attitude!

    All you need is embroidery thread, a spare afternoon and a few friends to chat with to pass the time. It took us about 2 hours per lace. A bowl of popcorn is a nice addition to the party.

    I did the diagonal stitch and used four different colors. It is one of the easiest and is beginner friendly. An important hint is that you  should measure the shoes laces currently in place on your shoes and make each color of the embroidery thread three times as long. To make the knotting easier, I rolled up the ends in a figure eight and tied a rubber band around each strand. This makes the threads easier to handle and knot.

    Here is a link for the stitch I used:

    You tube is a good source too, just search under: diagonal friendship bracelet.

    Happy knotting!


  • What is indie?

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for WomenShoe: The Jeffrey Campbell Lita
















    I was asked recently to describe what indie meant. It really is a good question because it goes right to the heart of Ashbury Skies. Indie is really a state of mind. Independent designers make shoes they love, not shoes they think that they have to design to satisfy main-stream department stores, box stores or online giants. This is what makes their product unique and special.  Independent designers will tell you it is hard to get noticed when starting out. Brands like Dolce Vita and Jeffrey Campbell, who we carry on our site, started out small but now are thriving indie companies. They have remained true to their indie values as their businesses have grown. We also carry lines from emerging designers that have been making shoes only a short time. We like to think Ashbury Skies will help these designers get noticed.

    If you like what we do, please spread the word as we grow our indie shoe community.

  • Interview with indie shoe brand Madison Harding

    I recently caught up with Hilary Rosenman and Barri Budin of Madison Harding at a trade show. These savvy New Yorkers hit Vegas for a shoe show to exhibit their new Spring line. One of the great things about working with indie designers is that they do the shows themselves. This means they spend all day in their booth, sharing the inspiration behind each style with the buyers who stroll inside. No over zealous sales people; just Hilary and Barri speaking from their hearts.

    These women, who became friends in college,  shared a love for fashion and collecting vintage. In college they bought vintage because it was all they could afford and now they shop it for inspiration for their '60s and '70s influenced shoe line.  A few years after college, they started Madison Harding.  The name represents the designer’s roots, Hilary grew up on Madison Ave in New York City and Barri on Harding Drive in New Jersey.

    Although their beloved East Side is a big influence in the look and feel of their shoes. This line feels very San Francisco to me.  The suedes, leathers, woods, wedges and chunky heels work as well on Haight Street as they do on Ludlow.


    They agreed to answer a few questions:

    Our collection is inspired by:

    After a recent trip to Nashville TN, we again found inspiration in the past.  This time channeling the spirit of the '60s and '70s Nashville sound and the legendary women of country music such as Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle, Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. We tried to capture the sweetheart image they portrayed juxtaposed with the late nights they lived. This look captures the allure of feminine southern charm and the glitz and grit in the country music scene of an era gone by. The lookbook was shot in Nashville at my good friend’s grandfather’s lake house. He owed a prominent country music label in the '60s and '70s and was close with Johnny Cash who’s house shared the same lake. The house reflects the exact vibe we wanted to capture.

    When we design, the girl we have in mind is: Downtown, earthy, sophisticated, experienced and confident.

    In life we are most inspired by: B-The past, H-My friends

    At the moment, we are obsessed with: B-Wearing vintage belts as necklaces. H-Finding the perfect Fall everyday bag

    We can’t go a day without checking out this blog:

    The best advice we have ever got is: That no one can sell your product like you can.

    We can’t live without: B-Red wine,  H-Greek Salad

    Favorite on my play list right now is: H-LCD Soundsystem,  Barri-The Smiths

    If I could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be: B-Rollerskating, H-Cloth Bikinis

    On Friday nights I: B-Chill at home with friends.  H-Cook at home with friends and family.

    Redbull or Coffee person? B-Coffee  H-Neither

    Which of your personal possessions most clearly yell fashion victim? B-Fur Coat, H-My Black Balenciaga Bag

    If you couldn’t design shoes and you could have any other job, what would it be? B-Therapist,  H-Therapist

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Neon shoes

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Jill Saunders SS11'Kip' Bootie by 8020

    Jil Sander SS11

    I have to say, I LOVE neon! It is fresh, new and frankly no one has this in their closet from last year. Wearing it head to toe is tricky, but the Kip by 80%20 embraces this trend in a very wearable way.  Wrapping the base of the wedge with neon was a stroke of genius by Ce Ce Chin founder and designer of 80%20. Our site is live and kicking so don’t be afraid to drop these puppies into your cart and support indie shoe designers.

  • Let the magic begin

    We launched our site last night and we are thrilled! We set out to create a unique shopping site with an imaginative mix of shoes from the best independent designers. We also wanted it to represent the heart and soul of Ashbury Skies: our free spirit. We did it! Take a look at our site; we think you will agree.

    A huge thank you goes out to Richard and Mark, our web guys who not only executed, but also believed in our vision for Ashbury Skies. Besides being artistic, outside the box thinkers, we found your patience and can-do mind-set really refreshing. For all the times that we sneaked on to the site and commented on things before they were finished, please accept our apologies. And when you arrived in the office in the mornings to dozens of emails that we shot out during the many sleepless nights the past few months, we apologize as well.  We know we drove you mad, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

    Thanks to our indie brands Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, Madison Harding, Gee’WaWa, Haus of Price, Messeca, and Philip Simon, all who believed in our vision and bent over backwards to get us size nine photo shoot samples for our look book. We know this was a big ask.

    To Yvette, my business partner, you are a super star. Your skill and know-how carried me at times.  Your DNA is in the site and for that, I am thankful.

    We’re off. Welcome to our indie shoe community.

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