Meet Ce Ce Chin of 80/20

When we launched Ashbury Skies, we searched the market for shoe lines that we thought would resonate with our indie shoe community. When I stumbled upon 80/20 at the Las Vegas shoe show, I knew our brands would have good chemistry. Ce Ce has an edgy, indie feel in her designs. She works magic with hidden platforms. The pitches and angles of her wedges scream attitude but at the same time, they are the shoes you turn to when you need to walk all day.

Thanks Ce Ce for agreeing to answer a few questions for us!


My collection is inspired by:

New York City living.  Since we don’t drive cars here, I see the shoes as our chosen mode of transportation.  What shoe is going to take me from here to there?


When I design, the girl I have in mind is:

Zoey Deschanel in The New Girl


In life I am most inspired by:

Those who follow their passions and life beyond reason.


At the moment, I am obsessed with:

Angora sweaters, I am dying for this one from Siwy


I can’t go a day without checking out this blog: I love Christina and that mega hair!


The best advice I have ever got is:

Live with Your Heart, Believe in yourself


I can’t live without:

Swimming in the Ocean- I’m planning a trip to LA next weekend and jumping into the Pacific is a priority.  I need a baptism like this at least every couple months.


Fav on my play list right now is:

The new Feist!


If I could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be:

Leotards and wrap around skirts- very 70s MILF fashion.


On Friday nights I:

Love winding down with a yoga class and then having a lovely dinner with friends.


Redbull or Coffee person?

Americano Coffee in the am with Half and Half- yum….


Which of your personal possession most clearly yell : fashion victim?

A White Rabbit Fur Blazer


If you couldn’t design shoes and you could have any other job, what would it be?

Designing home accessories

The Kip, by 80/20


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