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  • New Years Eve 2011

    Whether you will be guzzling bubbly out on the town or at home with friends tonight, we hope you found the perfect pair of Ashbury Skies shoes to ring in the New Year. Good shoes will give you that inner glow that nothing else can.  Have a good one, and thanks for being part of our Indie shoe community.

  • Ashbury Skies SALE!

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    We love end of year sales! We are offering super sharp prices on our favorite indie designers. These will go fast so snatch them up quickly!

  • Pink boot crush!

    By Nordic fashion Illustrator Marju Tammik:

  • Happy Holidays from San Francisco

  • Our name

    I often get asked where the name Ashbury Skies comes from. In San Francisco, Ashbury Street is quite famous.  The intersection of two streets, Haight and Ashbury became symbolic of the Summer of Love.  We are very inspired by this group of hippies that had the courage to change the world. Who can’t love a generation that gave us flower power, the peace movement, bell-bottoms and Woodstock.

    We combined Ashbury with Skies because skies are very inspirational around here.  It's never hard to look up and see interesting skies or sunsets over the pacific that are spectacular from our corner of the world.  Here are some images that keep us dreaming and aiming high.

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