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  • Coraline kicks off music festival season

    The music festival season has officially launched.  We think this is the perfect shoe to carry you through the season. So channel your inner hippie while wearing the tie-dye Coraline by Messeca. They designed this just for us West Coast girls and we love it!

  • Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Floral Tapestry

    Word on the street is that the Damsel could be the next Lita. This tapestry wedge is a fusion of texture and colors. This little number had us smitten at first glance. We can assure you that this sky-high platform is strut-worthy. Yvette's new puppy approved as well.

  • Ashbury Skies Spring photo shoot

    Capturing the spirit of the Northern California lifestyle is who we are. Ashbury Skies is inspired by the summer of love, which called on an entire generation to question the status quo. Well, we found “bohemia” recently in the little town of  Pacifica, California, a funky, little beach town 10 miles south of San Francisco. This is our creative director, Yvette’s home turf and she has lots to say about “P” town, as it is known to the locals. Yvette chose Shelldance Orchid Garden for the Ashbury Skies Spring Photo shoot, and it is very us.

    We gave a call to Nancy at Shelldance, to set all this up and she welcomed us to visit with her family of orchids and flora with an open and trusting heart. She told us the photography would be great for the orchids, and she would leave the key under the mat for us. The flowers would really enjoy the attention, she promised.

    When we arrived we found this quirky little garden spot on top of a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After sliding open the wooden door, we were welcomed to another world; partly prehistoric, somewhat fantasy, and very peaceful. The green house looked like it has been lovingly cared for since it opened in the 60’s and really, not too much has changed since then. We found whimsical, moss covered garden accessories, huge bags of organic plant food, crackled garden mirrors, and a wild assortment of overgrown ferns, orchids, succulents and cactus.  

    Karma is important to  San Franciscans and this charming orchid farm was oozing with it that sunny spring morning.  The natural lighting in the green house was spectacular. We felt we were guests of the stunning flora so lovingly nurtured each day.  And Nancy was right, they welcomed us with open arms.

    Here are some of my favorite shots:

  • Monaco, by indie designer Matiko Shoes

    We see a lot of shoes. We should, it is our business. I love it when I flip over a shoe. This is exactly what happened when I saw the Monaco by Matiko. To me, interesting proportions are delivering the most innovative looks this season.  Matiko’s Monaco adds an element of texture with the raffia wrapped island platform and stacked wood architectural heel. The palm print wrapped sole and sock give this shoe a hint of Miami beach glam. Enjoy!

  • The Staves, Mexico

    Love The Staves, a trio of sisters who sing a lovely blend of rootsy folk/pop music.

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