Meet indie shoe designer, Matiko

When we launched our site, we knew that partnering with the right indie brands was key. We researched long and hard to come up with the best group of designers in the market. Matiko was always at the top of that list.  To me, their shoes have a LA street edginess to them, but in a very understandable, wearable way. They were early with the smoking slipper trend (which is an Ashbury Skies staple by the way) and always push the limit with interesting new bottoms. We love the newness that they continue to bring to the indie shoe market.


I think a  girl needs to have a strong sense of style to wear Matiko. The shoes are not ordinary, yet they are not the shoes in your closest that get worn a few times either.

Matt Howard, the creative brains behind this brand, designed his Spring collection with his home state of Hawaii in mind. He had some pretty cool things to say about this collection that he shared with me recently:

Tell me about your Hawaii themed collection:It seemed like a perfect theme for us this season.  We created three distinct color themes within the collection. Each set representing the different aspects of the islands.  Earthy tones that represent the sand and earth, blues and coral red tones you would see in the sea, and then our pop color set that include colors like neon green that represent the plant and other exotic life that can be abundantly found.

When I design, the girl I have in mind is:18-35, independent, fashion forward


In life I am most inspired by: Southern California's eclectic and funky mix of people, styles, and personalities.

At the moment, I am obsessed with: Laser cut, Italian napa.

Do you have a favorite blog? The Matiko blog is pretty awesome... ; )

The best advice I have ever got is: Measure twice, cut once.

I can’t live without:  My Mac

Favorite on my play list right now is: Iggy Azalea – My World

If I could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be: Back to the 70's when peace and love was the biggest trend.


On the weekends I: Sit home and think about shoes.

What is your form of caffeine? Maui Coffee Roaster's  “Maui Blend”


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