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  • Meet new indie shoe brand Aspiga

    After visiting Kenya on holiday, and falling in love with not only the country, but its stunning sandals and colorful hand-made products, Lucy Macnamara founded Aspiga. Her sandals, lovingly made by local men and women in both Africa and now India, ensure much needed jobs in their communities. We are especially proud to feature this Brit’s sandals, not just because of their unique colors and designs, but also because we are helping her, in her mission to fight poverty through trade. Every craftsman puts a bit of themselves into each pair, which to us, means each comes with a healthy dose of good karma. Love these sandals! [media-credit id=3 align="alignnone" width="500"][media-credit id=3 align="alignnone" width="500"]


  • Hello Haus of Price Venus


    How do you do it James? Stop the fashion press right now because straight out of West LA, has come another beauty by indie designer James Price.  Hello Venus! How you dazzle us with your handcrafted stones and pyramid studs. Wear these and you will feel like a modern day fairy princess has sprinkled you with candy colored diamonds. Come and get them! Right now, these are only available on Ashbury skies.

  • Ashbury Skies ♥ Google Catalogs

    Collage on Google Catalog App


    I love catalogs. It started with the JC Penney toy catalog when I was 4.  It escalated to JCrew, Vicky's Secret, then one day I find myself day dreaming about flying away on a private jet to some Caribbean Island while flipping through the Neiman Marcus fantasy gift assortment in their holiday catalog.  (a girl can dream)  So it is my thrill to see our little brand sitting next to the big dogs (see before mentioned retailers) in the Google Catalog app.

    Woohoo! Ashbury Skies Spring Lookbook/ Catalog has been accepted into the Google Catalog app. What! You don't have this app yet? Its available on the iPad & on the Android tablet. It is the pleasure of flipping through all your favorite catalogs without the "I'm-killing-the-forest" guilt trip. You can zoom in on products, email to a friend, create collages of your favorite items (like my example above) and you can click through to the website on your favorite styles.  It's a key component to my Sunday morning; cup of coffee + iPad =new guilty pleasure. So download the app already, it's free (bonus!) and it was just nominated for a Webby award. Check us out & let us know what you think.

  • Chictopia's Step into Spring & Ashbury Skies

    Chictopia Step Into Spring Promotion
    Beginning May 1st, all Ashbury Skies shoes on Chictopia will be 20% off!

    There are plenty of fashion websites on the web. But there is only one true place to see real people wearing AMAZING styles in full glory online: Chictopia.

    We love unapologetic style and we want to give you more, which is why beginning today we have joined Chictopia's "Step into Spring" campaign. The best of our indie spring shoe collection, including minimarket's "voted chic" Cut Out Oxfords and lots more has been posted to our Chictopia shop and is available through their site at 20% off for a limited time. Check it out.

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