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  • Senso is in the House

    Senso arrived at Ashbury Skies this week! If you don’t know this brand, check them out now. This Aussie run family shoe business has been making shoes since the 80’s. Recently, daughters Alicia, Imogen and Skye, joined up and hit refresh!  Their laid-back Aussie mindset mixed with a London edge comes though loud and clear in this collection. Having grown up with shoe biz parents, these Aussie gals know a thing or two about shoe making. This sister act works as a team right along side their parents. Needless to say, they have our full attention.





  • Messeca toe cap collection: Julien and Jacqueline

    This fall the metal toe-cap has given us a reason to hit refresh in our flat collections. We are in love with Messeca’s Julien and Jacqueline.  Also OBSESSED about the rose gold hardware finish. These instagrams were shot on the streets of San Francisco last weekend by Yvette and me.


  • Messeca Sasha: High-heeled Slipper brilliance

    High-heeled slippers were one of the most interesting new shoe silhouettes on the runways.  Messeca’s super sexy version, the Sasha. is a favorite of ours this season.  Combining leather and hair calf with a flash of rose gold metal on the toe is a stoke of genius by this edgy New York designer.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Avalos

    Jeffrey Campbell left his mark on indie fashion this season with this pointy toe platform boot.  Wickedly urban, the Avalos has redefined the term street chic. Black for your hard side, pink for your chill side.

  • The truth in shoes

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