Flatform shoe trend




We still can’t get enough of flatform shoes. Famous from their ‘70s roots, David Bowie’s red flatform boots are an icon of 70’s rock and roll.  They came roaring back in the 90’s ala British pop girl band, The Spice Girls. Not really surprising that they are a choice of performers as unlike traditional heels and platforms  they have no “pitch” or arch so running around the stage for hours is quite doable in flatforms.  Hey, Myles Cyrus even wore them at her infamous VMA performance last week.

In the last few years, we learned that Prada, Chanel and Celine were smitten too as they sent their models down the runways in their own edgy versions. These versions are more elegant and not as extreme as the one worn by historical rock and rollers. These block soles have a way of updating high fashion looks in a not so ordinary way.

At Ashbury Skies we know that women of all ages are choosing quirky flatforms to update their looks.  Indie designers like Jeffrey Campbell, Matt Bernson, Eight Twenty, Matiko, YRU and GeeWaWa  have all put their unique spin on this timeless trend. We have  4-inchers that will give you that coveted Tokyo street look and also have ones that clock in at a modest inch to inch-and-a-half for an modern street chic look.










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