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  • Snow in San Francisco?

    A lot of other blogs are uploading exceptional imagery of wintery scenes around the world, but here in our hometown of San Francisco, not so much.  Originally a mid westerner, I know a thing or two about the magic of a fresh snow fall around the holidays, the thrill of a snow day, and the amusement of  sliding down an icy driveway. One thing I also know for sure, however, is how uninhabitable this town would be with snow. If fact, we would probably go from one of them most enchanting places to live to one of the most injurous places to live. I get queasy at the thought of San Francisco under a sheet of ice! I ran across these wondrous images from graphic artist Chris Rutherford. He depicted what snow might look like in San Francisco. Thank God it is just art!



  • YRU Lavish Bone : we're loving bone inspired fashion

    Indie designers are obsessing over x-ray bone inspired fashion.  This velvet slipper, the Lavish Bone, by YRU is sexy, dark, eerie and twisted.  All the more reason to love her.Lavish bone now


  • YRU Lavish Mushoom

    You’re not hallucinating.  It’s just YRU's velvet, magic mushroom embroidered flat, the Lavish.  These clever designers from LA never stop  cranking out innovative, one of a kind shoe designs.  Try it, just for the fungi of it. Shop Lavish Mushroom

  • Jeffrey Campbell Calvin : chic, modern mule

    Indie shoes designer Jeffrey Campbell has made mules chic again. This backless beauty takes hints from the 90’s mule trend but is very 2014.  Wear the Calvin for a modern spin on your look this season.  Pair with cropped skinnies and really tough leather jacket or on chilly days wear with super opaque black tights and a mini skirt. Shop Calvin now

  • Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

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