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  • YRU Qloud 2091 with Ponies

    Our beloved flatform is having an IT moment. We love that emerging designer, YRU gave theirs a futuristic update. The socks flips up, and there is trap door to fill up the bottom with whatever your heart desires. We put the ponies, in ours :)  We could gush about her for hours, but we’ll let you get on with your shopping. Shop Qloud

    Platform shoe with Ponies

    YRU Qloud


    YRU lucite platform

    YRU Qloud 2091

  • The Miista Emi over-the-knee boot

    Luanna Perez-Garreaud from LeHappy blog looking pretty amazing in the Miista Emi boot.   Over-the-knee-boots make any outfit look much more intriguing.  We love how the Emi's made her cute skirt and sweater look more interesting and less innocent. Shop Emi

    Miist Over-the-knee-boot

    Miista Emi boot


    Miista Over-the-knee-boot

    Miista Emi boot




  • Irregular Choice Jingle

    Christmas obsessed? We have the perfect shoe for you! Waltz into the party in the Jingle by Irregular Choice. An extraordinary shoe by an extraordinary designer. This is a limited edition made in very small quantities. Still in time for Christmas! Shop Jingle

    Santa Heel Christmas pump

    Irregular Choice Jingle


  • Trixy Unicorn heel shoe by Irregular Choice

    We have a simple solution for what to wear out this month:  LBD, the Irregular Choice Trixy. Done!

    Gold heel Unicorn shoes

    Irregular Choice Trixy

  • YRU Qozmo Dragon

    Need a pair of major statement making boots this season?  We suggest the Qozmo Dragon.  Wear this glammed-up Qozmo and it will be all about your shoes. A YRU X DEVOWEVO creation.

    Over-the-top Sequin platform

    YRU Qozmo Dragon

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