Interview with "Intentionally Blank" designer Ty McBride

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One of the great things about working in the business of fashion are the people that you meet. The glamorous stereotype is one of the most off based perceptions out there. Yes, fashion folk dress with a purpose and have a discerning eye. Perhaps to some that is glamor, but in truth that is only a small part of the story.

Our industry is filled with those that have a flare for the artistic, they surround themselves with interesting people, and they are driven by a good story. All of the people working in our industry are funny, whether they mean to be or not.  They are obsessive-compulsive. They are neurotic.
We had an opportunity to do breakfast in bed over laptops with Ty McBride, designer & founder of the new line Intentionally _____. Ty fits the bill to a T. We gave Ty some get-to-know-you questions to ponder over #breakfastinbed. He gave us the pleasure of his response in both written and gif answers. Take a look:
What makes something—a piece of art, a film, a book, a bowl of soup, 
a song, a pair of shoes—really good, in your view?
I think a point of view and the commitment to stand by that point of view can make even the most hideous thing truly amazing. Without it, for me, you crumble.
My gif response and muse: Guy Bourdin.
guy bourdin
If you were sent to prison, what would be your crime?
I have two crimes which I commit regularly, both are punishable, both are things I refuse to cease, and both are shameful.
1. I stalk my lifetime crush. But like, it's been going on a while. I mean like years.
2. I trick the parking attendant every day at the parking garage I park in into thinking I have paid, by using a very old validation sticker I pretend to remove from the payment machine. I'm going on five months, should I feel bad?
My GIF response and Netflix go to- OITNB
broken heart
What daily ritual that you perform makes you feel complete and why?
This is an easy one.  A. Iced Grande Americano. B. Because I am monomaniacal.
My GIF response:
bucks cat
You are making a time capsule that you will bury in your backyard and dig up on your 100th birthday. What are the five most important  things you put in it? 
I have had many psychic readings they all say I die at 91, but I will answer this anyways. But before I do, if you want the hook-up with my amazing phone psychic Denise, you should DM me. She's that good.
1. My lucky jean jacket.
2. Polaroid pictures of my favorite people.
3. A freeze dried grande iced americano.
4. A picture of me from when I was 23, skinny and fine as hell, so my 100-year old self can feel kind of good for a second.
5. I have a very special cologne that is my go-to fragrance. You can only buy it at Bonne Marche in Paris and they won't ship it. I would but a bottle of that in there. The smell alone takes me to 1000 amazing memories.
My Gif response:
devil wear prada, that's all
What is your favorite expletive/profane exclamation?
Sometimes for no reason at all, I will just say BITCH. But not like "bitch", I say it like a giant exhale. like "biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttch." It can be in response to many situations, people scenarios or situations. I am not sure how this started---I am also not sure how to make it stop.
My GIF response:
Name something that other people seem to care about, but that doesn't matter at all to you.
KARDASHIAN MOMENTS. I am 100% not interested, not impressed, and not into it. I do not like it when people get famous who should not be. The entire thing makes me absolutely sad to be American. PS, have you been to their boutique? I rest my case.
Kim, I don't like it.

Do you have a question for Ty? Let us know in the comments, we’ll get you the answer. Until then, check out the new collection.

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