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  • Creeper Shoes- The Grunge Hipster Trend

    The Creepers are back again for a third swing in the fashion world after the punk rockers in the 70s took reigns on the rocknroll look. This rebellious era has inspired the clunky, punk, grunge look we call ‘The Creeper’, now with some prep to enhance its 70s style. The Creeper is an appealing mix between a woman’s flatform and a masculine brogue. It’s one of those few fashion trends that is trickling into both men and women’s fashion radars. In fact, there’s nothing quite as current as a dressed up tomboy with a big voice and attitude. Whether you’re a hipster, a indie kid, a goth, or a grunge, creepers are your go-to edgier look.

    T.U.K. does it best. We are totally down with their wing tip, lug sole, mondo creepers. Young, creative types from across the globe know that wearing T.U.K. creepers will set you apart from the rest. They are clunky, geeky, and wonderful. All feature a lightweight, flexible sole but differ in color and material creating a funkier look. From pink patent, to red suede, they have it all. Choose to embrace the grunge gone a little hipster and scoop up a pair of creepers.

    Pink Viva Mondo Creeper     marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Grey Viva Mondo Creeper      marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Viva Mondo Creeper     marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Wing Tip Mondo Creeper      marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Jeffrey Campbell O'Shea Harness

    The 'O'Shea Harness' by Jeffrey Campbell is our new go-to worn in look. They are made in the perfect oiled, distressed suede creating a grunge, chic look! They are ideal for a boot re-fresh this season. Shop now

    56a95945-8a0b-43ed-b52f-c7dc4e834ade     marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • YRU Nightmare Reflective

    We are crushing hard on techno finishes right now and YRU's Nightmare Reflective is SO on our radar. Whether strutting on the street showing off the light's natural, magic rainbow hints or dancing in the club revealing an explosion of colors, this platform goes above and beyond. Let your inner quirk shine, shop now

    YRUnightmare reflective          marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • 5 Fall Jeffrey Campbell Boots You Need to Know About

    Jeffrey Campbell effortlessly designs shoes that push the boundaries. His boots have flourished from vintage glamour to modern trends, constantly propelling his styles to center stage. Jeffrey Campbell’s designs are highly sought after for their LA urban edge and unparalleled uniqueness by no mistake. He always has his thumb on the pulse of what the fashion crowd wants to wear now, and he’s done it again.

    This season, Jeffrey Campbell has hit refresh in his classic category and gives us an urban-western mash up. Peek into the closest of those in-the-fashion-know and you will always find a selection of boots with western leanings. His look is part western, part rocker. If you’re going for a more rocknroll edgier style or chic office look, he has the ideal cut-out-booties for you. Whether its Jeffrey Campbell’s distressed suede boot, his perfectly red cut-out bootie, or his statement boot that country and urban girls alike will die for, these are the ones you never store season after season. This fall, Jeffrey Campbell does it all. He hits the urban-western infusion and the colorful, yet rocker cut-out booties. Be in the know and scoop up Jeffrey Campbell’s look. 

    unspecified        marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    unspecified-2       marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    unspecified-3       marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    unspecified-4       marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    unspecified-1        marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Jeffrey Campbell Kurva

    Designers continue to push the boundaries on bottom shapes this season. Jeffrey Campbell's Kurva sandal has a modern, sporty shaped white bottom that will elevate all your looks. This one has a slightly inset heel and platform and delivers the right amount of freshness. These do not look like last years sandals!  Style with cut off and a bikini top. Shop Kurva

    white flatform by Jeffrey Campbell

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

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