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  • Bed Stu Shaela and other new Fall boots are here

    A good pair of leather boots never goes out of style. These distressed leather boots are built to last. Take note: the Shaela is hand-crafted by a small team of skilled cobblers in Mexico who have preserved the true artisanship and heritage of shoe-making. The Shaela collar can be  styled up or down.  No two pairs are ever exactly the same. Made of organically tanned, chrome free leather that will get better over time.  This leather is distressed by hand so your pair will vary slightly in color from this image (it is a good thing). Shop here


    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women


    BED STU-SHAELA-BROWN-tiesta di moro dip dye-PAIRmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • What is Fast Fashion?

    Many of you know that Ashbury Skies launched their first, proprietary shoe line this month: the BENDY. It is a modern comfort shoe with a lower carbon foot print.  We talk a lot about re-thinking fast fashion in our marketing. Last week a friend of mine, and Bendy backer, emailed me this week with a very good question. She asked me to clarify what fast fashion means. I was a very happy to get this feedback as it and made me realize that I am very close to the developments in my industry but others might not be as familiar with the terminology and this movement in fashion that the BENDY is based on.

    So here goes: fast fashion is cheaply made garments and shoes that are produced in third world countries in poor working conditions. Frankly this includes goods from most multi-chain fashion retailers in the malls that we all shop in. These items don’t last long and often get thrown away after one season. All of this means that we are using a lot of valuable natural resources to make crappy clothes and shoes that end up in landfill. In fact it is estimated that more than half of fast fashion is thrown away each year.

    The fashion industry generates 1.26 billion tons of greenhouse emissions every year, which is more than the amount created by international flights and shipping combined. This is troubling given the state of the planet. So when the BENDY or other brands that play in the sustainable fashion space talk about rethinking fast fashion, they are asking consumers to buy higher quality goods that last longer and buy less, or repair, and hold brands accountable for the working conditions their goods were made in.  There is a revolution of conscious consumerism that is happening right now

    So this is what we mean when we talk about starting the revolution of rethinking fast fashion.

    To see the entire bendy story, click here

    modern eco shoe by Ashbury Skiesmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women




  • The BENDY shoe: we did it!

    We had a REALLY strong week! Our campaign funded 100% over the weekend.  We never imagined we would be at this point so soon but we are not done yet.  We are hell bent on starting a revolution of rethinking fast fashion so we want to blow this number away. If you have not had a chance to grab your pair of BENDYs, head on over to our Kickstarter page. We still have discounted pricing available for our supporters. Our page lays out the entire story and you can look at our awesome video we shot too.


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  • Jeffrey Campbell 'Fiasco' plastic wrap pump

    These fierce sexy, plaid pumps by Jeffrey Campbell are wrapped in of soft, thin, plastic that looks almost like cling wrap. This bold look will ensure that whatever you decided to style these with, eyes will be on your feel and your killer style. Shop Fiasco

    Fiasco saran wrap pump

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    jeffrey campbell saran wrap pumpmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Rock these Jeffrey Campbell Sock boots: Luzbel and Nila

    The sock boot look great with denim, dresses, skirts and pretty much everything. This season sock boots have gone way beyond basic black. Designers are now adding textures and mixing up materials to put fresh new spins on these sexy classic styles. The Jeffrey Campbell Luzbel features a hair calf, zebra trim upper. The Nila has a knit, metallic thread upper with an open toe.  Shop here

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