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  • The Silent D Washer has arrived

    Silent D creates the ideal balance between cutting edge style and the latest International trends. This Australian brand pushes the classic shoe boundaries to create wearable wardrobe staples, but always with a with new dimension. They are known especially for adding interesting textures to their designs. Shop here

    modern block heel boot by Silent Dmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • The Bendy is launching new week!

    Hello friends. We are getting a lot of questions about when the BENDY will be released, and today we can FINALLY share our launch date! The support of the BENDY has been overwhelming and our uber comfy AND cute shoe, that is kinder and gentler on the planet, will make its debut through a kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, 9/5, at 9 am PST. If you are not on our list, make sure you get on it now so you can be notified when we launch next week.  Just click here


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