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  • Irregular Choice 'Big Bear' : Quirky pink fur boot

    In the realm of quirky statement boots, Irregular Choice reigns supreme.  Irregular Choice proudly introduces  the Big Bear into their outlandish shoe collection. Say what you want about Dan Sullivan’s shoes (the creative force behind this brand), but we are pretty sure the world would be a less colorful place without him. This tried-and-true brand never disappoints when it comes to shoes that stand out. Shop Big Bear

    irregular Choice Big Bear pink bootmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women Big Bear boot by Irregular Choice
  • The most comfortable shoes for standing all day

    Foolproof tips on picking comfortable women shoes.

    the most comfortable shoes for standing all day



    If you are like most women, you have many pairs of shoes in your closet.  Of course, we all have statement shoes or stiletto heels that look amazing but are not so comfortable. Women have been known to tolerate a fairly high pain threshold to look good.  There are times and places for these kinds of shoes, I get it. But then there are times when you need a shoe for standing all day; a time when a sneaker is not an option. Any modern woman needs a shoe that falls in the feels-great-and-looks-awesome category.  I am talking about the kind where your feet are forgotten after you slip them on. These types of shoes are harder to come by. That led me to take a deep dive into the essentials of a comfortable shoe that you could stand in all day.

    The most comfortable and supportive shoes have these things in common:

    1.  Flexibility. Pick up a shoe and twist and bend it.  It needs to have some give. This is critical in comfort footwear. Throughout the day your foot moves in many directions and you don’t want your foot fighting with a shoe that is too structured.

    the bendy shoe


    2. Rubber soles. Buy shoes with rubber soles for optimum shock absorption. This is very important if you are standing all day


    3. Insoles/footbeds. Choose shoes that have breathable and pliable insoles. A good one will provide support and cushioning to the foot.  Insoles help prevent chafing and blistering.  A well-designed insole will mold to the foot. Test a shoe for cushioning by pressing your finger into the ball area.  It should have give or a slightly padded feel.

    A well-designed insole will mold to the foot


    4. Leather or suede upper.  Leather and suede form to your foot so the more you wear it, the more comfortable it will become.  Leather is breathable and is an ideal choice for footwear.  Avoid synthetics, these materials don’t breathe and will cause the foot to sweat and you will have a higher chance of blistering and foot odor.



    Mary Sue Papale is the co founder of Ashbury Skies and the Bendy: a modern, comfortable shoe with a conscience. She is based in San Francisco.


  • Mr. Shark-O, shark flats by Irregular Choice

    We hope that when you step into the Mr. Shark-O. it will be the closest your limbs ever get to the jaws of a shark :)  Fearlessly slide into these strange and wonderful flats by Irregular Choice. The Mr. Shark-O will always invite a conversation about your quirky style. Dan Sullivan, who is at the helm at Irregular Choice is the master of outside-the-box shoes.  Another completely original shoe by this uber talented UK designer. This is a Limited Edition design, once sold out, this one is not coming back. Shop here

    shark flats by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women Mr. Shark-o by Irregular Choice

  • Irregular Choice Bellisima Tropical Parrt pump

    You will enter a tropical carnival when you slip into the Irregular Choice Bellisima. Two-way multi black sequins are the backdrop for a large, mirror-finish, acrylic parrot. Known for outrageous footwear designs, Irregular Choice is for those who refuse to fit in. Shop Bellisima

    quirky statement pump by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Irregular Choice Bellisima pump

    quirky statement pump by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Irregular Choice Bellisima Pump


  • The Blossom pump by Irregular Choice

    This stunning pump by Irregular Choice was inspired by the garden. Featuring a silky floral upper with an engraved lucite heel, flower embellishments, bunny and fan appliqué on a t-bar with buckle fastening all finished off with a silky bow and tassels. Irregular Choice never ceases to impress and surprise with with the quirky, one-of-a-kind statements shoes. Shop Blossom Photo credit: Irregular Choice

    quirky statement pump by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    The Irregular Choice Blossom


    quirky statement pump by Irregular Choice

    The Blossom by Irregular Choice

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