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  • Flat shoes that feel great : BENDY by Ashbury Skies


    most comfortable business casual shoe    The BENDY: a stylish, comfortable flat


    If there is one item that every savvy urbanite will snatch up on a moments notice, it is a stylish flat. Being a San Francisco company, we know a thing or two about the value of a good pair of flats for walking our famous hills. This was so near and dear to our hearts that we decided to create our own. After two years of research and development we launched the BENDY. The BENDY is a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon foot print. It is hand crafted in California.

    The BENDY is a stylish flat shoe with good arch support. Our footbed sets us apart from other casual shoes. It’s the kind you would find in a high performance running shoe. The casual shoe industry often overlooks innovative and high quality materials in favor of cheaper ones that don’t wear or feel as good. Our removable footbed is breathable, lightweight, washable and will not break down or loose its shape after wearing.

    Many women tell us the BENDY is a good stylish, flat shoe for work too. Teachers and hair stylists and those on their feet all day are big fans.  The BENDY and a cropped pair of khakis is considered a savvy business casual shoe as well.

    All of these features put the BENDY in the  irresistible category for us.  Shop the entire collection here

    BENDY: a modern comfortable flat              BENDY: a modern comfortable flat

  • Jeffrey Campbell statement heart heel: 'Mon Amour'

    Okay, we do use the term 'statement' for many shoes in our collection as that is what we are known for, but it there really isn’t any other way to describe this one. The Jeffrey Campbell Amour sandal has a hey-notice-me, red acrylic heart heel.  These heart heel sandals are the definition of statement. Here's why: they will add quirk to skinny denim or a black dress, in the way any other plain ol' pair of heels in your closet will not. Made by Jeffrey Campbell. Shop Mon Amour

    Jeffrey Campbell heart heel sandalmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    Jeffrey Campbell Mon Amour Sandal



  • Ethical, high quality, women's shoes: The BENDY

    We set out to create an ethical, high quality women's shoe about 2 years ago. We know a thing or two about shoe making because we have been in the shoe business our entire careers.  After seeing the damaging effects of fashion on the planet over our careers, we  knew there had to be a better way to make shoes. We created the BENDY, a modern, comfortable shoe, with a lower carbon footprint. It is made in California.  This is Ashbury Skies first, proprietary shoe brand. We use the highest quality materials and we look at every step in the shoe making process through an environmentally responsible lens. I hope you love what we created. Take a look here


    ethically made shoes for women

    Our Ethically made shoe: The BENDY



    an ethically made shoemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women







  • YRU Qozmo Pastel Rainbo

    Bring it on! YRU put another crazy cool stamp on their cult following platform, the Qozmo Hi. This  pastel rainbow version is  for the daring; for the risk taker. YRU looks to the streets of LA for  inspiration in their one of a kind shoe collection.  If you are in love, grab your pair now as this is a limited edition Qozmo. Shop Qozmo Patel Rainbo

    rain, platform sneakermarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women Qozmo Pastel Rainbo

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