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  • New Silent D receipts for spring: Darius and Bichon


    new spring boots from silent dSilent D Darius (top) Bichon (bottom)

    Silent D's new Spring boots create the ideal balance between cutting edge style and international trends. This Australian brand pushes the classic shoe boundaries to create wearable wardrobe staples, but always with a new dimension.

    The Darius (top image) is a love for us. This  is no surprise to those who shop with us as  chelsea boots have graced our site since inception.  Our latest love is this one by Silent D. The elastic panel is larger than a classic chelsea boot  and wraps around the back so it gives off a modern vibe.  The Darius is featured in fashion's new favorite jungle pattern: snake print. This is one to own when looking for a boot refresh.

    The Bichon (bottom image) reminds us that we don’t have to retire our boots for sandals when the warm weather rolls in.  This side cut-out boot will breathe life into your wardrobe and you can show some skin too.  The Bichon is a great way to freshen up your summer looks and it is a win with denim shorts.

    Shop Silent D here

  • BENDY: An ethical, modern comfortable shoe with 5 star reviews

    Ashbury Skies is proud to present the BENDY. We crafted a modern, comfortable shoe that is not in conflict with the health of the people making them and one that does not have a large footprint (pardon the pun) on the planet.  The product reviews that have been coming in are awesome. Our customers are telling us they are like walking on clouds. We worked hard to make this a very comfy shoe that this is quite rewarding.  Take a look at the our customers are saying. Part sneaker, part flat, it is made from five simple components: a flexible bottom, soft leather, thread, a cushioned footbed and an insole support. We want to put you into these seriously comfortable, well-made shoes. Let’s start the revolution of rethinking fast-fashion. Shop here

    ethical, modern and comfortable shoe
    BENDY An ethical shoe by Ashbury Skies


  • Vagabond Chelsea boots

    Vagabond’s Chelsea style boots are so on-trend right now. These boots are  set on a comfortable block heel and has elastic panels to pull on and off.  This Swedish design house makes shoes that are simple, fashionable, comfortable and  modern. Vagabond is dedicated to making great looking shoes that fit into your everyday wardrobe.  Wear them with skinnies and leather bomber and everyone will be talking about your style. Shop here

    snake chelse boots by vagabond shoesmakersmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women Modern Chelsea boots by Vagabond Shoemakers
  • Irregular Choice 'Glazed and Confused'

    Think psychedelic candy store! These Irregular Choice platform sandals are for those who refuse to fit in. Known for outrageous footwear designs, Irregular Choice makes unique shoes that make an impression. Shop Glazed and Confused here

    Irregular Choice Candy store inspired plataform sandal Irregular Choice Glazed and Confused

  • Daisy Dream : Unicorn boot

    We are all strangely obsessed with this mystical creature: the Unicorn. Legend tells us that this universally loved beauty can not be caught, which makes her even more enchanting. Dan Sullivan features this sparkly creature, complete with rainbow glitter in this quirky platform boot. This non-mainstream brand is only for those who refuse to fit in. Pair with a Unicorn latte. Shop Daisy Dream here

    Unicorn boot by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

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