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Ethically made, using responsibly tanned leather: BENDY

The BENDY is a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint, handcrafted in California.

Leather used on the BENDY  originates from an Italian tannery that uses the most modern technology in their tanning process. They are a leading player in ethical, responsible tanning. They:

  • Developed a water-based finishing process (instead of chemical based) which is safer for the workers and the environment.
  • Created a water purification plant and have reduced the emission of carbon dioxide by opening 4 co-generation plants.
  • Hold the Gold Certified Environmental Stewardship Certification (awarded for ethical, environmental and safe practices in the processing of hides).
  • Hold the BLUE Angel certificate (awarded for minimizing their impact on the health and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases).

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BENDY: most comfortable shoe BENDY by Ashbury Skies


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