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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  • How is the BENDY ethical?

    a modern comfortable shoe, made in the USAmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women A Modern, Comfortable, ethically made shoe: BENDY


    We consider multiple factors in the ongoing search for ethical and sustainably manufactured materials. By selecting suppliers such as a leather tannery with awards for sustainable tanning, to a footbed with 32% eco-content and an insole board made of cardboard where we went from initially having 20% waste to 5% waste, we are very deliberate in reviewing all aspects of our supply chain to create the most ethical product possible.

    When choosing where we make our shoes, we also review product quality, speed to market, reduced environmental impact and ethical conditions for the workers. This is why we selected a factory in the United States versus one overseas. We believe in a hands on approach with our factory partners.

    We will continue to make product enhancements and provide transparency in communication with our customers by keeping you informed of improvements every step of the way.

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  • Back to school with the BENDY

    When teachers and moms started raving about the BENDY we knew we were on to something. Check out our back to school video. To pick up a pair for yourself,  click here

  • BENDY goes to Europe 2019

    What a summer it has been for the BENDY. Our modern, comfortable, ethically made shoe was tapped as being a reliable travel choice and women were packing BENDYs for their vacations all summer long. What an honor to be the travel shoe of choice! Curious on how to get a pair?

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