How to clean your BENDYs

BENDYs are made with high quality materials that last.  Follow these tips to keep your shoes looking great, season after season:

bendy-red-brush-touched up-R (1)

1. Dust and dirt will accumulate on suede over time.  To remove it, brush your BENDYs with a nylon suede brush (a soft bristle tooth brush works too).

hand with cleaning block copy-touched up-r (1)

2) For spots that don’t brush off use a suede eraser (a colorless white or brown gum eraser works as well).  This will do the trick for any dry stain.

bendy-yellow-with cleaner-R (1)

3) If you still have a spot, it means that your stain is oil based. Try dusting the stain with baking soda, let sit for a few hours, then brush off.  If this does not remove it you will need a proper suede cleaner.  This can be purchased a local shoe repair shop or online.
To clean a white bottoms,

bendy-mr clean magic-v3 (1)

4) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads work really well. Cut them into squares, dip into water and wipe around the surface of the rubber bottom.

In the end, remember BENDYs are meant to be worn.  With proper care, your BENDYs will age well and last for years and years. Shop here


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