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The most comfortable travel shoe ever

The most comfortable travel shoe ever!

If you are like most women, you have many pairs of shoes in your closet but when it comes to a shoe for going on vacation the assortment shrinks considerably. Of course, we all have that beat up pair of sneakers that we can count on, but cropping your feet out of your vacation photos is a pain.  Women have been known to tolerate a fairly high pain threshold to look good. but who wants that hassle.  Any modern woman needs a shoe that falls in the feels-great-and-looks-awesome category.  I am talking about the kind where your feet are forgotten after you slip them on. These types of shoes are harder to come by and that is why we created the BENDY.

The BENDY is stylish like a flat and as comfortable as a sneaker. Women who discover the BENDY usually come back from more colors for the next season.

Here are some reasons the BENDY is so comfy:

1.  Super Flexible bottom.

2. Shock absorbing rubber soles.

3. Cushioned footbed.

4. Buttery soft Italian leather upper.

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a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint BENDY by Ashbury Skies


Liza from Scaling Good on vacation in New Orleans Liza from Scaling Good on vacation in New Orleans






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