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Celebrating one year of BENDY

a pink stylish comfortable shoe Stylish, comfortable shoes: BENDY


Hey friends,


Exactly 1 year ago, we launched the BENDY shoe. Take a step back with us to see how far we’ve come!


Our first priority was comfort.


Then, we chose conscious materials and a too-cool design.
For us, local mattered. That’s why BENDY is handcrafted in our home state of California.


We had a hunch. If we made a planet-friendly and socially just shoe, women would listen. We’re proud to say that we were right!


To you travelers, doers, dreamers & eco warriors who choose BENDY to guide you on your path—we’re humbled to be the shoe that makes you look and feel good after a long day.


If you haven’t experienced the BENDY for yourself, go on and try a pair. If you’re already feeling the BENDY love, share our story with other like-minded women who deserve a better shoe.


As we head into our second year, we thank you for your support!


Catch you around the bend,


Mary Sue and Caroline


Learn more about the BENDY here




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