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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • Just Checking In On the BENDY Community

    Hey BENDY Community,


    I hope you’re adjusting well to life during the pandemic. As we all prepare for the COVID-19 directives, it seems like a good time to reflect.


    A bright side for me: I have my college freshman home. We’ve used this unexpected free time to get closer.  Just yesterday, we baked chocolate chip cookies. Tonight, the plan is Runzas. This recipe was passed down from my German-Russian grandmother and oozes familiarity. Normally, I’m too busy to roll out the dough and stuff the pockets with cabbage & ground beef, but today feels different. It seems like slowing down matters so much more.


    Take time to consider what this shifted day-to-day means for you. If you can, I want to ask you all to reflect on how your clothes and shoes are made.


    I firmly believe that the future of fashion lies in ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Today, 98% of the footwear industry is dependent on an Asia-made manufacturing base. This cost-effective way once brought shoes to the market when people needed it most. Ultimately, its downfall will be its detrimental impact on the environment and the people who make these shoes.


    The shoe and apparel industry is incredibly energy consuming, polluting and wasteful.


    • Last year, the fashion industry emitted about 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases.
    • Labor violations continue to run rampant in China.
    • Each year in the US, 300 million pairs of poorly made shoes wind up in landfills.


    We created BENDY because we wanted to give women an alternative way to shop. BENDY is:


    • Handcrafted in our home state of California.
    • More simply made, with fewer components than other shoes.
    • Made from leather from a Green Certified tannery.
    • Made in safe working conditions.
    • Supportive of local artisans.


    Today, we’re stocked in shoes and ready to ship. Don’t fret; we’re practicing responsible social distancing and taking those extra precautions!


    The most important thing is to stay safe & healthy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of our small business and more ethically made shoes.


    Mary Sue

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