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From Women's Fashion to PPE with Alexander Zar

Alex Zar, factory owner


 A women's shoe factory owner talks pivoting for the cause.


Over here at BENDY, we've been interviewing some pretty impressive women in an effort to share cohesive positivity with our beloved community. From Jessica Rae to Grace Kraaijvanger, there's no denying that these women have made their mark — and will continue to do so despite the obstacles in front of them.


But BENDY is a group that's bent on inclusivity, which means that positivity and inspiration isn't reserved for one type of person.


That's why, today, we're featuring Alexander Zar, an entrepreneur and factory owner who went from making the BENDY to making PPE.


Just last month, Alex was working hard to make premium women's handbags and shoes — like the BENDY — at his production facility in Los Angeles, California. He's been instrumental in bringing our own shoe to fruition, adhering to our wishes for style, comfort, and a low carbon footprint without fail.


Fast forward to today and Alex has pivoted his business to combat the nationwide shortage of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) for front liners. In California, shoe and handbags are nonessential, so it’s a stellar way to make use of his equipment.


Instead of shoes and handbags, Alex is now shifting his California facility's focus on protective gowns, isolation suits, and face masks.


He's sending his factory-made PPE to essential groups in Colorado, California and Florida. So who's benefiting? City entities, county sheriffs, security & law enforcement companies, hospitals & clinics, and local organizations are. He’s even making gear for his local police force, the LAPD.


This equipment will directly support the ongoing battle against COVID-19, but that's not all it's good for...


In addition to providing a valuable resource for COVID-19 fighters, Alex has kept his staff on payroll.


Working with Alex and his team has never made us more proud. It just goes to show that doing right by others is always an option.
In short, he's one heck of an inspiration.


And while there may not be any BENDY shoes rolling through the production line right now, your sole can rest easy knowing that we have your fave shoe in stock.


Whether you're walking your dogs around the block or keeping it stylish from head to toe for your Monday morning video meeting, comfortable kicks with a lighter carbon footprint are here for you as you shelter in place. Shop here


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