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How one local businesswoman is adapting amid the crisis

Photo credit : Jeremy Cortez Photo credit : Jeremy Cortez


Meet Jessica...


Between a global pandemic and a crashing economy…..things are looking bleak for small businesses.


That's what is is so important for us to come together and support one another.


In an effort to do so, we’re kicking off a couple of interviews with incredible women who are both business leaders and community figures (and who happen to be part of the BENDY family!).


You’ll learn about their stories and how they’re combating the current health and economic crises.


Our first story is about Jessica Rae. She runs two businesses in San Francisco and although they’ve been affected by the recent downturn, Jessica has come back swinging!


Jessica owns and operates a dance and fitness studio (Rae Studios) and a talent agency (Rae Agency).


Over the last 9 years, she’s grown both in a big way!


Rae Agency is now the largest home for dancers in the Bay Area and Rae Studios serves 500+ students and subscribers.


Like any brick-and-mortar business owner, Jessica took a major hit as the health crisis escalated and people were eventually ordered to stay home and shelter in place.


Here’s where most business owners would - understandably - get frustrated and maybe even give up.


But not Jessica…


It took her and her team just 10 hours to launch an entirely new business model!


They put together their first-ever virtual dance classes, connecting their instructors with their students via webcams. Voila! A streaming solution!


Now have there been tech issues? Sure. But Jessica and her team have solved every challenge that’s come their way and managed to run online classes for 250+ students in the last week.


She’s kept her students learning and her instructors working - a blessing every way you look at it!


From our team at Bendy, we’d like to celebrate Jessica and the Rae Studio team! If you’d like to learn more about her and the new Virtual Studio, click here [LINK].


Jessica on her Bendy’s:


“I usually slip on a pair of Bendy’s during my 9-5 as I meet with my team and run between client meetings for a more business casual look. I even dress them down on Sundays walking my pup or grocery shopping with a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.”


Jessica Rae in denim bendy's Photo Credit: Jeremy Cortez


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