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A stylish comfortable shoes for mom

NIcole Robertson in a pair of red BENDYs a stylish comfortable shoe with her darling son







Small business owners have to stick together. That's why we love meeting like-minded women who are keen on changing the world and leaving their mark.  It completely warms our heart to see our stylish comfortable shoes for mom on Nicole.


Today, we're focusing on a mompreneurs from California.


Nicole Robertson is a mother, environmentalist, sustainable fashion advocate and the founder of Swap Society — a clothing swap company for women and kids. This go-getter also happens to be part of the BENDY family (lovers of stylish, comfortable shoes). 


After learning about the perils of the fashion industry, Nicole created an online clothing swap to help women consume less while staying stylish. Members send in their own clothes and swap them for other apparel they want to wear.


Based in LA, Swap Society serves all of the US, making it a great tool for any eco enthusiast in the country.


So what motivated Nicole to be a sustainable fashion advocate? A few things, actually:


  • 1) Fashion has created a massive waste issue—every second, a garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated.


  • 2) The climate crisis is pressing. We need to make major changes to our lives if we're going to survive.


  • 3) With so many awesome environmentalists in the world, Nicole realized she, too, could join the fight against climate change.



From our team at BENDY, we’d like to celebrate this fellow small business owner. Like us, Nicole hopes to inspire a shift in consumption by offering women an eco-friendlier way to shop.


Nicole on her BENDYs:


My BENDY shoes are so comfortable! I used to dance professionally, and I love being able to articulate my feet, so I really appreciate the flexible soles. My feet never get tired of wearing them.
I have a red pair and I love the bright pop of color, too.


These days I mostly wear them around the house paired with jeans. Even though we have to stay at home, I still make a point of getting dressed most days. It truly improves my mood.


Working from home outside in red BENDYs : a stylish comfortable shoe


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