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    By Caroline de Baere / BENDY co-founder

    Only hitting the market two months ago, The BENDY is beginning its journey around the globe.  Take from me, I have already worn mine for extremely long flights from California to Brazil and a few days later, a trip to Mexico as well as around the U.S.  The BENDY has quickly become my “go-to shoe” when on the move or just hanging around town.

    A bit of magic happens when you step into The BENDY.  While legacy brands struggle to find their purpose, a newcomer, The BENDY knows where she stands.  This crafted in California, extremely comfortable and modern shoe, was designed and manufactured to address our well-being and be worn all day.

    Our BENDY team has an opportunity to provide exceptional features and benefits, while filling an enormous need in the market.  I believe an increasing number of consumers are looking for fashionable and highly comfortable footwear.  We chose to combine balancing our sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing initiatives with offering women the best shoe possible for everyday life, comfort and travel.  The BENDY is the result.

    Let’s take a look at what makes The BENDY such a unique shoe for women; the ideal shoe to wear all day.  There are several key components to consider, with simplicity and modern design at the core.  We start with a soft and breathable leather upper, unique performance insole, and extremely flexible bottom to make this shoe like no other in the market.


    Minimal and simple design: removing unnecessary components without compromising footwear’s natural function.  We have created The BENDY using 5 simple components vs. the average sneaker which can use between 35-65.  This allows our shoe to be lightweight and breathable, all critical to enhancing your comfort and range of motion.

    Material selection: Leather is by nature, breathable and pliable.  Our hand selected and responsibly sourced luxurious Italian leathers come from a Gold Certified Environmental Stewardship and Blue Angel Ecolabel tannery void of toxins, using natural dyes.  They are also a leader in setting environmental standards.

    Most shoes are made with layer upon layer of materials while The BENDY is unlined, forming easily to your foot’s shape, eliminating bulk and weight, and leaving you comfortable all day.

    Performance: our spectacularly cushioned insole is sourced and developed with a lightweight unique breathable open-cell structure as the foundation.  This insole imparts a moisture management system to keep the foot cooler and drier.  Unlike traditional insoles, this open-cell material boasts a compression factor of less than 5%, so cushioning and fit will not change over time.

    It’s like wearing an athletic shoe on the inside while experiencing a supple leather upper on the outside that is fashion forward and trendy.  Added bonus - they are machine washable as well as anti macrobial.

    Construction: BENDY uppers are directly stitched to the outsole, eliminating stiff and often environmentally harmful glues. This makes the shoe more flexible for walking and standing.  Our current outsole inherently has flexibility grooves as part of the design, allowing for maximum range of motion, critical to movement and your long-term comfort.

    Custom production: by manufacturing in the United States (Los Angeles), we are able to be closer to our source, carefully reviewing our shoes and quality during the development process.  I have been making very frequent visits to the factory as well as suppliers to ensure we give our customers the best possible product in the market.  Most brands are not able to be this close to their product creation process.

    We also have the benefit of creating small production runs, heavily reducing the creation of waste and overproduction which often occurs with overseas manufacturing.  We believe this leads to making better shoes for our consumers as well as the planet.

    And, to hear it from the consumers point of view, the reviews and testimonials are in: 

    Most comfortable sneakers I own! Review by Kim

    I feel like I am wearing my slippers! They are lightweight, make my wide feet look more narrow, and are incredibly comfortable. And I love the bright red color. Received 2 compliments on them walking through the airport today.

    like walking on clouds Review by Robyn

    Thank you so much for my Bendy’s. They are so comfy. Wore them to the grocery store today and it was like walking on a cloud. Thank you!!

    great purchase Review by TL

    I’ve been wearing my Bendy’s almost every day since I got them! They feel like slippers.

    Awesome Review by Mich

    So cute and comfy! Even after walking six miles.

    super new shoe Review by Mary

    Great new shoe! Good for us and good for the environment. So glad that I got a pair. They fit like a glove. Great quality suede too.

    unnamed (6)

    Beautiful and Fun Review by Cmyracle

    These are wonderfully constructed shoes. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud! The pop of red is a perfect shade and such fun to wear. My daughter is already trying to swipe them!

    The modern simplistic design and unique BENDY features and benefits, paired with the upper materials and our amazing performance insole, create the best possible combination for all women seeking the most comfortable all-day shoe for walking, standing, work or travel.  Go ahead; pick a color. (link here)

    The BENDY is my new “go-to shoe” and my hope is it will soon become yours too.

  • High quality leather shoes made in the USA: The BENDY by Ashbury Skies

    The BENDY by Ashbury Skies is made ethically in Sunny California. This is our first propriety shoesbrand on our site. The BENDY is a modern, comfortable shoe, that is kinder on our planet. Our goal is to establish direct, long-term relationships with our makers. We can ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making our shoe. We support a community of shoe makers in Los Angeles. We think how things are made should matter as much as making money. Learn more here

    a modern comfortable shoe, made in the USA

    BENDY by Ashbury Skies



  • A long day shoe : the BENDY by Ashbury Skies

    yellow_grey_black_aloe_bendy_no_logo_1260x628marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women



    We know that are a lot of comfortable shoes in the market. I have been in the shoe business my entire career and I have been to shoe shows that have entire sections of 'comfort' brands. Honestly, most of them are not-so-attractive and I have personally never worn them because i choose style first, then comfort.  Many of us turn to sneakers when we need a long day shoe as there are very few stylish and comfortable shoe beyond sneakers. I happen to know there are a lot of other fashionable women out there that do the same. I know this because i am the co-founder of this on-line shoe store.

    Recently we set out to create a comfortable AND stylish shoe just  for this reason. We officially launched our shoe last week. It is part sneaker and part flat. It has a cushy footbed that is the kind you would find in a high performance running shoe.

    Another great feature of our shoe is that it is made ethically in California.  We support a community of shoemakers in Los Angeles.

    Take a read at all the amazing reviews we have received, just in the first month of our launch. We couldn't be  happier that so many of you agree.  Shop the BENDY here

  • Flat shoes that feel great : BENDY by Ashbury Skies


    most comfortable business casual shoe    The BENDY: a stylish, comfortable flat


    If there is one item that every savvy urbanite will snatch up on a moments notice, it is a stylish flat. Being a San Francisco company, we know a thing or two about the value of a good pair of flats for walking our famous hills. This was so near and dear to our hearts that we decided to create our own. After two years of research and development we launched the BENDY. The BENDY is a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon foot print. It is hand crafted in California.

    The BENDY is a stylish flat shoe with good arch support. Our footbed sets us apart from other casual shoes. It’s the kind you would find in a high performance running shoe. The casual shoe industry often overlooks innovative and high quality materials in favor of cheaper ones that don’t wear or feel as good. Our removable footbed is breathable, lightweight, washable and will not break down or loose its shape after wearing.

    Many women tell us the BENDY is a good stylish, flat shoe for work too. Teachers and hair stylists and those on their feet all day are big fans.  The BENDY and a cropped pair of khakis is considered a savvy business casual shoe as well.

    All of these features put the BENDY in the  irresistible category for us.  Shop the entire collection here

    BENDY: a modern comfortable flat              BENDY: a modern comfortable flat

  • Ethical, high quality, women's shoes: The BENDY

    We set out to create an ethical, high quality women's shoe about 2 years ago. We know a thing or two about shoe making because we have been in the shoe business our entire careers.  After seeing the damaging effects of fashion on the planet over our careers, we  knew there had to be a better way to make shoes. We created the BENDY, a modern, comfortable shoe, with a lower carbon footprint. It is made in California.  This is Ashbury Skies first, proprietary shoe brand. We use the highest quality materials and we look at every step in the shoe making process through an environmentally responsible lens. I hope you love what we created. Take a look here


    ethically made shoes for women

    Our Ethically made shoe: The BENDY



    an ethically made shoemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women







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