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    DIY cork trivet Sustainable gift idea: Cork trivet


    Let's face it,  holiday giving is fueled by mass consumerism, but we think times are a changin. Rushing to a mall to get a gift that is mass produced overseas, with no concern for the the carbon footprint, made by men and women making pennies on the dollar, is no way to show your appreciation to a dear friend or loved one.  As more and more of us learn about the true cost of mass consumerism, we think alternatives and  a new world order will prevail.

    Here is a simple way to make gift giving greener and  more sustainable. Our co-founder, Caroline, save corks throughout the year and makes planet friends trivets for gifts. This cork trivet is a great gift to make with your kids (or not) and is planet friendly.

    You need:

    1. Corks

    2. Adjustable metal bands (available from hardware stores)

    3. Glue gun


    1. Hot glue the corks together to form a circle.

    2. Take your metal strap tie, and secure it around the corks. That’s it!

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