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  • Modern, black sandals from Ashbury Skies

    Heading into Memorial day, we have a black sandal collection to get excited about!! Are you sandal ready? These YRU, Naya, Miista, MTNG, UNIF, Jeffrey Campbell and YES sandals have earned their spot in our highly coveted Indie Shoe Collection. Shop our unique sandal assortment here:

    Best Summer Sandalsmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women Summer 2015 Sandals
  • My belated New Year's Post

    2014 blog image


    This is a VERY belated New Year’s post.  We have been SO busy at Ashbury Skies this month. I have been thinking all January about getting this up but due to a lot of craziness (all good) I am just making it happen now.  I have never been a big believer in the idea that we can or should miraculously change ourselves in January.  Historically this has not worked for me. But as founder of this on-line shoe store, I know that having short and long term plans are as important as planning your major shoe purchases for the year. SO, I thought I would take this time to tell you my 2014 resolutions. They are not ground breaking by any means, but they are mine.

    1. More marketing. We are really focusing on spreading the word this year. Our store has grown like mad and it has all been through very humble means like people like you sharing Ashbury Skies on social media, clicking on our Facebook and Google ads and advertising on our favorite blogs. Our growth has been organic and real.  This has worked well but we are becoming more “grown up” and have signed up with an affiliate advertiser this month. So if you are a publisher, look for us, we are headed toward greatness and hope you can come along.  These and other creative marketing ideas will be our focus this year.


    1. Site functionality. Some January house cleaning by our tech guys have made our site super fast, our check out effortless and search for products SO much easier.  A little boring, I know, but really important when you are a girl on a mission and looking for just the right shoes. We have more enhancements like better zoom and more interesting content in store too.


    1. Shoes, shoes, shoes.  This is really what we are all about. We are going to be adding more indie, hard to find brands from all over the world to our site this year.


    1. On the personal side. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I can turn into a stress case pretty darn easily. With so much on my plate, I can never keep up with anything closely related to a marathon workout. But I can find no excuses for a 30-minute brisk walk to clear my mind and stretch my muscles.  So, at minimum, I will get this in every day.  I was pretty good about this last year but need to stay on myself so this is on my list AGAIN.


    So there you have it:  Spread the word, killer site, killer shoes, and better me. Onward!

  • Feeling grateful

    photo credit: faiile scrapbook



    Personally, I have grown a lot the last year building Ashbury Skies. I am so grateful for all the people who have supported us. First, to our customers who embraced our vision and stepped up and bought our shoes. Thank you! Second, to all our friends who pitched in and offered support (both professional and moral) and asked for nothing in return. Wow! I am so humbled and still can’t believe how I possibly could have woven this safety net in my life's journey.  Thank you!

    We have a great new indie designer arriving on the site next month and an ah-MAZ-ing exclusive collaboration in the works for Spring.  Deetz to come. We are hoping to knock it out of the park next season.

    Some great deals to be had on the site right now so if you haven’t visited in the past few days, check-them-out!  Inside tip: FREE BIRD boots are a steal right now. Stay well and stay tuned.

    With gratitude,

    Mary Sue

  • The ballot is stronger than the bullet, Abraham Lincoln

    Get out and VOTE! And afterwards, get $20 buck off anything at Ashbury Skies.

  • Perfed suede engineer boots

    Yvette and I shot this engineer boot in front of  Green Apple books on Clement St. last weekend. Effortlessly cool, engineer boots are an integral part of every urban girl’s closet. We have almost all sizes now but  hurry if you are in love with these as the are moving fast.

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