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  • Comfortable and Stylish Flat: BENDY

    Customers tell us  the BENDY fits like a glove and is like walking on clouds. I happen to agree with this assessment as I had a hand in designing it.   The BENDY is stylish like a flat but has many comfort features like a sneaker.  Give BENDY a try and let us know your thoughts. The entire collection, click here

    BENDY: most comfortable shoemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Irregular Choice Tesoro Mio : Flamingo Slide

    There is nothing subtle about this Irregular Choice pool slide. This limited edition Flamingo slide is for those want to stand out.  If you are one who loves over-the-top shoes, the Tesoro Mio needs to find a way into you closet. Shop here

    Flamingo soccer slidemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Irregular Choice Bunny Pump Luca Mia

    Just In! Irregular Choice invites you to play in their quirky, clever, Luce Mia, sequin bunny pump. With the dawn of a new season we can always count on this UK designer to put a bounce in our steps. Tired of a neutral and black shoe landscape and sensing the world was craving something different, Dan Sullivan created his one of a kind alternative shoe line. Ashbury Skies is one of the few US retailers carrying this  limited edition collection. Shop here

    Irregular Choice Luca Mia Bunny Pumpmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Irregular Choice 'Glazed and Confused'

    Think psychedelic candy store! These Irregular Choice platform sandals are for those who refuse to fit in. Known for outrageous footwear designs, Irregular Choice makes unique shoes that make an impression. Shop Glazed and Confused here

    Irregular Choice Candy store inspired plataform sandal Irregular Choice Glazed and Confused

  • Daisy Dream : Unicorn boot

    We are all strangely obsessed with this mystical creature: the Unicorn. Legend tells us that this universally loved beauty can not be caught, which makes her even more enchanting. Dan Sullivan features this sparkly creature, complete with rainbow glitter in this quirky platform boot. This non-mainstream brand is only for those who refuse to fit in. Pair with a Unicorn latte. Shop Daisy Dream here

    Unicorn boot by Irregular Choicemarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

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