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  • Mid heel platform: Jeffrey Campbell Soiree

    We are especially interested in adding mid heels to our closets this season. Let's face it, we all embraced the high platform with open arms that last couple years. We think it is time to get real again and have a little balance in our shoe lives. Lovers of Jeffrey Campbell will adore this transparent mid heeled sandal.  The freshness of the heel mixed with the metallic silver and black leather upper will stamp every outfit this season with a serious dose of contemporary punch. The sturdy lucite heel make this a shoe good for standing, walking and even dancing. Did we mention that this color is exclusive at Ashbury Skies?  Appreciate it Jeffrey!

  • One good neutral oxford : Jeffrey Campbell Miller

    I can't help but gush today about   Besides having an eye for the best neutral oxfords  (our Jeffrey Campbell Miller that she styled with this week) this Melbourne freelance designer describers herself as a generally fashion obsessed girl with a slight shoe addiction and two pet Pandas. Gotta love that!  Thanks for the love Sushi. We are sending some good California love back your way.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Floral Tapestry

    Word on the street is that the Damsel could be the next Lita. This tapestry wedge is a fusion of texture and colors. This little number had us smitten at first glance. We can assure you that this sky-high platform is strut-worthy. Yvette's new puppy approved as well.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Gala dot

    With smoking/leisure slippers taking over the flat business we were so excited to discover the Gala Dot by JC.  The open back make it a great Spring/Summer staple and one that you don't have in your closet. Yvette and I took this shot on the Lyon Street steps in San Francisco last weekend. We love the way this turned out.

    For those of you in far away lands that are reading this, the Lyon Street steps are one of the most wonderful places in all of San Francisco. These steps are nestled between the Presido and Pacific Heights and are our little stair way to  heaven (the San Francisco Bay). The views are spectacular! The steps are visited by tourists in-the-know (in my opinion a much better site to see than Lombard street for out-of-towners) but mostly by locals who run or walk the steps for fresh air and to get in shape.  Take a look:

  • Our last photo shoot

    If you read my New Year's post you know that it poured down rain during our last photo shoot. We had planned to shoot outside near the docks in Sausalito. Everything was in motion so we couldn't cancel.  Yvette and I were worried that we would not be able to get enough interesting backgrounds since we pretty much just had our photographer's studio and his building to choose from for settings.  Thanks to some outside-the-box thinking, we made it work.

    Our photographer got this water buffalo at a garage sale and had it in his studio. We had Tori (our model) stand on a couch and from there we just improvised. This turned out to be one of my favorite shots. She is wearing the Jeffrey Campbell Prance:

    This one was in the dressing room at our photographer's studio. It had been off limits to photography until that day. This is the Dolce Vita Joanna.

    We stepped outside during the rain for a shot on the porch and found this bench. It looks like she could be in Paris. This is the Dolce Vita Brenna.

    We really got stuck and started wandering the halls of the studio and found this couch. She is wearing the Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in Tartan.

    We tried to go outside when it stopped raining and got this shot off before it started up again. It is the Matiko Sina. I love the reflection of the shoe in the puddle.

    We are rounding up samples, looking at models, styling outfits and scouting locations for our Spring look book now. Fingers crosses we get a beautiful San Francisco sunny day...








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