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  • Street chic JC's

    Rachel busted out her JC Everest's and sent this picture our way.  Thanks!  Keep those snap shots coming.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Denton Tapestry boot

    "Buy things you'll love forever" is one of our mottos around our office.  The Jeffrey Campbell Tapestry Denton falls into this category.  We are nuts about the tapestry and the lace-up feature makes this boot adjustable and able to fit many calf widths. We have a lot  of shoe crushes around here but this one falls into the loosing sleep category!

  • Jeffrey Campbell Everest

    Getting photos of you all in your new shoes make my day. I LOVE the Jeffrey Campbell Everest worn here. This version is an Ashbury Skies exclusive. Thanks Christy! You look great. Keep those photos rolling in.

  • DIY: Friendship bracelet shoe laces

    Traditionally, friendship bracelets are given from one person to another as a sign of the bond between two friends. We all made lots of them at summer camp for our BFFs.  Fast forward to 2011 and they have come from camp to cool. These stringy bracelets are showing up on the red carpet to the runway. We got this crazy idea to make friendship bracelet shoes laces. The Jeffrey Campbell Everest hiker has a totally new attitude!

    All you need is embroidery thread, a spare afternoon and a few friends to chat with to pass the time. It took us about 2 hours per lace. A bowl of popcorn is a nice addition to the party.

    I did the diagonal stitch and used four different colors. It is one of the easiest and is beginner friendly. An important hint is that you  should measure the shoes laces currently in place on your shoes and make each color of the embroidery thread three times as long. To make the knotting easier, I rolled up the ends in a figure eight and tied a rubber band around each strand. This makes the threads easier to handle and knot.

    Here is a link for the stitch I used:

    You tube is a good source too, just search under: diagonal friendship bracelet.

    Happy knotting!


  • What is indie?

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for WomenShoe: The Jeffrey Campbell Lita
















    I was asked recently to describe what indie meant. It really is a good question because it goes right to the heart of Ashbury Skies. Indie is really a state of mind. Independent designers make shoes they love, not shoes they think that they have to design to satisfy main-stream department stores, box stores or online giants. This is what makes their product unique and special.  Independent designers will tell you it is hard to get noticed when starting out. Brands like Dolce Vita and Jeffrey Campbell, who we carry on our site, started out small but now are thriving indie companies. They have remained true to their indie values as their businesses have grown. We also carry lines from emerging designers that have been making shoes only a short time. We like to think Ashbury Skies will help these designers get noticed.

    If you like what we do, please spread the word as we grow our indie shoe community.

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