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  • Self-control

    It is Friday am and I have the whole day in the office to do my Fall buys from the Project trade show and a ton of paper work. Believe me when I say I am really behind.  I just got very distracted as I found this very cool video in my inbox this morning and instead of working, I had to stop and blog. Model Theodora Richards (Keith Richards’ daughter) lets her spirit run wild in the woods above LA in Self-Control.  She is promoting a new clothing line, Skaist-Taylor, which is inspired by the West Coast's mountainous coastline, our cathedral redwood forests and our state’s exotic fauna.  These indie designers describe their collection as an ode to our Golden State and go on to say "It's just a really optimistic place to be.  It's still the Wild West, anything can happen." I need to meet these California girls as we think alike!  By the way, it’s Allison Iraheta (4th place American Idol, season eight) doing the singing.  She is insane! Ok, now back to work and some self-control.

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  • dolce vita leopard Jemma

    We have loved so much about this boot since we brought it in. Well now there is another reason for you to love it. It is $99!  Tessa at lust couture got a hold of this boot and made it look so effortlessly chic. them up while we have sizes in stock.

  • Street chic JC's

    Rachel busted out her JC Everest's and sent this picture our way.  Thanks!  Keep those snap shots coming.

  • 1969 or 2011 fashion?

    Fashion from San Francisco Outside Lands Festival? Coachella? Guess again! I found this oh-so-right-now fashion on Miss Moss (great blog by the way). These pictures were taken in 1969 by Life photographer Arthur Shatz.

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