• It's our Anniversary

    Well, it has been 6 years since we opened our digital doors and this week we step back and pat ourselves on the back.  Yesterday I chatted with a customer on the phone who cheered us on and commented that many small businesses have not survived the retail earthquake that has disrupted  our industry for past few years.   We know this well and think that when you are unique and don't copy others, you have a chance to grow into something very special. This is what we try our best to do on a day-to-day basis over here. Add in a lot of hard work, and some old fashion, don't-give-up spirit, that Yvette and I were both born with and here we are 6 years later.  This week we were inspired by the red balloon.  It seemed fitting to connect with this simple symbol of goodness and hope. In honor of our Anniversary, we are offering a rare 15% off the site. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Use Code: Celebrate

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    ashbury skies shoe collection

    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    ashbury skies shoe collection

    The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge) by Albert Lamorisse ashbury skies shoe collection

    Banksy - Girl with a Balloon




  • Behind the scenes

    We are crushing hard on this pic of Penny, Yvette's sweet pup who regularly keeps us company at our photo shoots. Last Friday, she was particularly fond of our new June receipts!  Fashion influencers are flocking to fur and Penny followed suit.  Shoes are brimming with tufts of fur this season.  Check out these Penny approve styles

    behind the scenes, fur flatsmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women


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  • America's birthday



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