• YRU Qozmo Dragon

    Need a pair of major statement making boots this season?  We suggest the Qozmo Dragon.  Wear this glammed-up Qozmo and it will be all about your shoes. A YRU X DEVOWEVO creation.

    Over-the-top Sequin platform

    YRU Qozmo Dragon

  • YRU Chill Fuck

    How do you really feel? No better way to express yourself than with this canvas slip-on by LA emerging designer, YRU.  Shop Chill Fuck




  • YRU Chill, Kitty

    We set our eyes on a lot of shoes as we curate our assortment. When we saw the Kitty from Y.R.U. it was a hands down YES. This canvas slip on loafer just may be that shoe that crosses over from novelty to staple. Who wouldn't want these eyes peering back at them all day? Shop Chill Kitty


    Kitty face sneaker

    YRU Chill, Kitty

  • YRU Qloud 2091 with ponies!

    Our beloved creeper is having an IT moment. We love that emerging designer, YRU gave theirs a futuristic update. The socks flips up, and there is trap door to fill up the bottom with whatever your heart desires. We put the ponies, in ours :)  We could gush about her for hours, but we’ll let you get on with your shopping. Shop Qloud

    YRU lucite platform

    YRU Qloud 2091


  • YRU Orion : Still a LOVE

    This basic from YRU is still a favorite of ours.  Who knew such a simple sandal upper on their sturdy, elevated flatform bottom would creative such a cult following.  And, she looks stellar with socks too! The sandal speaks to a whole new generation who are looking for shoes with urban edge. Bottom is super light weight. Shop Orion

    ORiON - WHiTE IV



    ORiON - WHiTE V



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