• YRU Athena Qloud

    Check out LA Blogger Madeline Pendelton of the blog Jean Greige. She is wearing our YRU Athena Qloud.  YRU put a twist on their signature platform by making it in Lucite. So cool that Madeline likes to  showcase small and women-owned businesses like us. Thanks Madeline! http://jeangreige.blogspot.com/

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  • Qloud Athena is here

  • Lucite flatform heaven: YRU Qloud Creeper is here

    Our beloved creeper is having an IT moment. We love that YRU (in case you don’t know, they are an indie shoe line from LA, brimming with talent) gave their signature creeper, a futuristic update. The Qloud-Creep has arrived.  We could gush about her for hours, but we’ll let you see for yourself.


  • YRU QCloud Athena and QCloud Creep on pre-sell now

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    Flatforms are leaving an unmistakable footprint on fashion this season. YRU  (in case you don’t know, they are an indie shoe line from LA, brimming with talent) put their own twist on this trend by making theirs in lucite. One version is the Qloud Athena; the freshest white sandal of the season in our mind. But YRU also took their beloved creeper and gave her an IT moment but giving her a futuristic flatform.   We are having a serious gush moment over the QClouds and that's why we are pre-selling these babies. Secure your pair now to ship at the end of June.



  • YRU Karazii has arrived

    Street fashion just got more interesting with Karazii by indie Los Angeles designer YRU. This emerging team of artists goes WAY beyond the ordinary in their designs and this sporty flatform sneaker is no exception.

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