• YRU Qozmo : back in stock!

    Part creeper, flatform, Global style-makers are all-over this one. We are shipping these babies all over the world. Now back in stock in both black and blue, we bring you a new shipment of the YRU Qozmo. We are equally as enamored with the black version as blue version for different reasons, but the cosmic print in the blue version is pretty much out of this galaxy.




  • YRU Elevation: Camo flatform sneaker

    Discovering edgy LA-based YRU Shoes was a big find. The Elevation, flatform sneaker is one of our favorite shoes from them. We spotted these images on instragram yesterday and asked the boys to send on over for a blog post. Thanks Z! On top of being really great guys, a portion of their proceeds is donated to gifted and financially challenged youth. Very cool.

  • Feeling sporty? YRU Elevation, Jeffrey Campbell Turbo

    Feeling sporty? So are we! Double-up on urban edge with our sporty sneakers. Wear YRU’s camo and leopard high tops or JC’s retro sneaker and receive spotlight attention.

  • YRU's Kitty is here!


    We must admit, we’re impressed. We set our eyes on a lot of shoes as we curate our assortment. When we saw the Kitty from Y.R.U. it was a hands down YES. This canvas slip on loafer with leather trim and kitty face just may be that shoe that crosses over from novelty to staple. Who wouldn't want these eyes peering back at them all day? The Kitty was named after the YRU designer's cat, who sadly disappeared one day. She has successfully turned up in their  animal collection the season!

  • YRU Bloq

    If you keep your ear to the ground like us when it comes to shoe trends, you will know that combat boots have been trending of late.   We just delivered the BLOQ by Indie newby YRU.  This 90’s inspired grunge boot with an elevated bottom is oh-so-fresh. One of YRU’s mantras is : Reach for the galaxy, it’s not as far as it seems. Geez! No wonder we like these guys. Great minds think a like.

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