• Self-control

    It is Friday am and I have the whole day in the office to do my Fall buys from the Project trade show and a ton of paper work. Believe me when I say I am really behind.  I just got very distracted as I found this very cool video in my inbox this morning and instead of working, I had to stop and blog. Model Theodora Richards (Keith Richards’ daughter) lets her spirit run wild in the woods above LA in Self-Control.  She is promoting a new clothing line, Skaist-Taylor, which is inspired by the West Coast's mountainous coastline, our cathedral redwood forests and our state’s exotic fauna.  These indie designers describe their collection as an ode to our Golden State and go on to say "It's just a really optimistic place to be.  It's still the Wild West, anything can happen." I need to meet these California girls as we think alike!  By the way, it’s Allison Iraheta (4th place American Idol, season eight) doing the singing.  She is insane! Ok, now back to work and some self-control.

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  • New indie shoe brand: 2568

    As you probably know, we are obsessed with all things Native American.  We were pumped when we found 2568 at a recent trade show.  2568 is the Los Angeles childhood address of co-founder Lorenzo Castellon. It is also the inspiration for the name of his new shoe company that he launched with his wife, Jamie. Lucky for us they fell in love with the rich Guatemalan culture and the stunning textiles designed and woven by women. We just put up their first shoe, this crazy cute moccasin.  Besides being so perfect for summer music festival season, this shoe is so well priced at $98. We are all about discovering new indie shoe brands. Hope you enjoy this find as much as we do.

  • Just in: The Messca Jen

    LOVE this shoe! Prepare to break into a whole new style and comfort zone with the Messeca Jen wood bottom sandal.  The padded sock and wearable platform height will make this a summer staple. The navy patent piping is a nod to the classics, but still has an understated hint of 70’s.

  • Shoe show time

    Anyone in the shoe business has a date with the Platform, Pool and Project trade shows for Valentines day this year. Yes, these must-see trade shows overlapped again. Like a good shoe buyer, I awoke at 4:00 am this morning and caught a 6:00 am flight SOLO to Las Vegas to buy Summer and Fall shoes.  I did get a number of charming text messages from my loved ones back in San Francisco today. This was my beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco, this Valentines day morning out my window of my insanely early Southwest flight.

    The Project trade shoe is one of the most directional shows as it showcases the most influential designers, including many emerging brands. They always have some amazing pieces of art to highlight their name. Take a a look at this years:

    Stay turned for my trend recap for the show, coming soon!

  • Slacklining?

    The San Francisco Bay Area is known for outside-the-box thinking and it has always been a breeding ground for risk takers. It started with the Summer of Love in 1969 and really hasn’t stopped.  Local boy Andy Lewis, a Marin County native, rose to overnight  fame after Madonna’s half time show during the Super Bowl.  He performed a slackline performance and almost stole the show.  He has been slacklining since he got out of high school in 2004. Get ready, this is insane!


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