• Beautiful rebels by Ryan McGinleys

    Six species of African butterflies were used in this artful video by Ryan McGinelys.  Set to the soulful gospel of “If I Had A Little Love” by the Majestic Arrows, McGinley’s playful scenes of butterflies decorate a cast of young models.  This video was made to promote Edun's fourth collection coming down the New York runway this month. LOVE IT!

  • Jeffrey Campbell Gala dot

    With smoking/leisure slippers taking over the flat business we were so excited to discover the Gala Dot by JC.  The open back make it a great Spring/Summer staple and one that you don't have in your closet. Yvette and I took this shot on the Lyon Street steps in San Francisco last weekend. We love the way this turned out.

    For those of you in far away lands that are reading this, the Lyon Street steps are one of the most wonderful places in all of San Francisco. These steps are nestled between the Presido and Pacific Heights and are our little stair way to  heaven (the San Francisco Bay). The views are spectacular! The steps are visited by tourists in-the-know (in my opinion a much better site to see than Lombard street for out-of-towners) but mostly by locals who run or walk the steps for fresh air and to get in shape.  Take a look:

  • Dolce Vita Julie and Baxter

    I love Dolce Vita’s color palette this spring.  Natural, coral and navy feel so right to me. This modern wedge was a stroke of genius.The proportions are perfect. This wedge is the smart girls solution to staying chic 24/7. Wear this with shorts and a blazer or go super feminine with a floral dress.

    I think Dolce Vita did some of the best chucky heel sandals this season.  They made cork look really new when they mixed it with this 70’s vibe sandal. The Baxter is so hot. Shoe Crush!

  • JUST IN: Gee’WaWa Daphne

    This casual flatform has that artesian feel that put this brand on the map. Hometown favorite, Gee’WaWa hit the sweet spot with this flatform at a very wearable height.  Every season I have a shoe in my closet that I consistently pull out when I know I have some walking or have a lot of standing to do, yet I still need to look great.  I have a feeling the Daphne will be that shoe this season.

  • A shoes buyers perspective

    If you follow my blog, you know that my posts come from two points of view. First, a San Francisco bohemian perspective, this is where I live and where Ashbury Skies was founded.  Second, from a shoes buyer’s perspective as shoes have always been my craft and passion. I have worked in almost all parts of the shoe business. In college I worked the shoe floor at our local department store. After college I moved to San Francisco which lead to jobs in shoe production, buying, merchandising and product development in San Francisco Bay Area. Now I am the buyer for Ashbury Skies.

    We are starting a new season, and I am going to begin blogging about the shoes I love this season and why as they hit our store. We are glad you found us. Welcome to our indie shoe community!

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