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    Can Uggs please just go away?

  • high heels, high hopes?














    There are some so called shoe historians out there that have made some interesting observations about heel heights. Apparently there is data to support that heel heights rise and fall with consumer confidence. When times get tough, heels get higher. High heels came into vogue in the 30’s after the great depression, in the 70’s during the oil crisis, and in 2000 after the dot com bubble burst. Let's face it, heels have been pretty high the last few years. One explanation is that high heels make women feel powerful.  When we need a boost in tough times, we turn to heels. Another theory being tossed around is escapism. It’s been said that we choose heels to escape in fashion and forget about the headlines.

    I have to admit, I think there is some truth to both theories. There are days when we all just need a good pair of heels to get us out of the house.

  • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

    Yesterday, the San Francisco bay area lost its great innovator, Steve Jobs. His contribution to our community and the world are mind blowing.  I wondered today if he could possibly fathom the impact he had on our culture, the world and the future.  Tonight, I am especially thankful for him putting digital technology into the hands of style watchers around the globe so we can so beautifully and efficiently communicate and share our passion for fashion with each other.


  • Swedish Indie girl band,Those Dancing Days


  • 1969 or 2011 fashion?

    Fashion from San Francisco Outside Lands Festival? Coachella? Guess again! I found this oh-so-right-now fashion on Miss Moss (great blog by the way). These pictures were taken in 1969 by Life photographer Arthur Shatz.

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