• Let the magic begin

    We launched our site last night and we are thrilled! We set out to create a unique shopping site with an imaginative mix of shoes from the best independent designers. We also wanted it to represent the heart and soul of Ashbury Skies: our free spirit. We did it! Take a look at our site; we think you will agree.

    A huge thank you goes out to Richard and Mark, our web guys who not only executed, but also believed in our vision for Ashbury Skies. Besides being artistic, outside the box thinkers, we found your patience and can-do mind-set really refreshing. For all the times that we sneaked on to the site and commented on things before they were finished, please accept our apologies. And when you arrived in the office in the mornings to dozens of emails that we shot out during the many sleepless nights the past few months, we apologize as well.  We know we drove you mad, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

    Thanks to our indie brands Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, Madison Harding, Gee’WaWa, Haus of Price, Messeca, and Philip Simon, all who believed in our vision and bent over backwards to get us size nine photo shoot samples for our look book. We know this was a big ask.

    To Yvette, my business partner, you are a super star. Your skill and know-how carried me at times.  Your DNA is in the site and for that, I am thankful.

    We’re off. Welcome to our indie shoe community.

  • A Fair to Remember

    I’m a sucker for a street fair. It’s true. Lucky for me, San Francisco is full of ‘em. But I’ll admit most of the time the art is a little cliché. The crafts—well let’s just say they are either a little too grandma crafty or a little on the cheap and tacky crafty side. Nevertheless, I’m always convinced I’m going to uncover some great artist with a fresh point of view at an affordable price. This never happens, but that all changed when I stumbled into A Fair to Remember. I had some out-of-towners with me, so we did the whole North Beach scene. We stopped in for a refreshment at Vesuvio’s and couldn’t help but notice the artisans that were parked in Jack Kerouc Alley. Only one block long, but a well edited indie designer delight!

    A Fair to remember takes place once a month. The next one is September 18th. Check out many etsy artists displaying their jewelry, vintage clothes, cool screen prints, and more. Here are just a few of the designers that I was charmed by; w.ho made it: magnetic ring holders made from tea cups and knobs-straight out of Alice & Wonderland, Salty Fox: Navajo inspired jewelry at very approachable prices, and tina produce: cute fruit prints that sweeten up your kitchen. Check it out and tell me about the designers you discover!

    A Fair to Remember


  • The modern smoking slipper

    Matiko "Lee" studded loafer
    Matiko Lee, natural
    studded loafer, Matiko "Lee"
    Matiko Lee, black
    “Borrowing from the boys” is a theme that has influenced fashion footwear for a couple of seasons now. Girled up, man-style oxfords are still really great, but the newest in this category is the Matiko Lee smoking slipper. Think Hugh Hefner, silk pajamas, and smoking jackets. The best ones have a modern and feminine edge. We love the Matiko Lee, with mini studs, shown above in black and natural snake. We will launch Ashbury Skies VERY soon with this super hot smoking slipper so stand by!
  • Elevated proportions

    We have liked platforms for a while now. They are not going away this season, but are taking a fresh turn with new proportions. The foreparts are getting higher which give platforms a totally different look and feel.  They can be elevated as high as the heel and the shoe becomes a flatform like the Jeffrey Campbell Bee Bee flatform below, which is a version done exclusively for Ashbury Skies.

    Jeffrey Campbell platform, "Bee Bee"


    Or they can be more modestly be elevated like the Gee’WaWa Flora. These give you height and comfort as they feel like you are wearing a low heel.

    Gee'WaWa Flora

    Look for these shoes and more like them when we launch Ashbury Skies within the week!


  • Interview with emerging indie brand, Plomo

    Ashbury Skies will launch our website at the end of this month with emerging indie brand Plomo. Creators Galia Katz and Keltse Bibao, met when both were living in Mexico filming a behind the scenes fashion pilot. The pilot never got off the ground, but the two quickly formed a connection over their love of shoes.

    They describe a time before they started Plomo when they would visit New York and would hang out at Barneys New York shoe salon breathing in the scent of Italian leathers and saving up to spend all their hard earned money on one pair of designer shoes that they would wear until the shoe's last breath. Lucky for all of us, they realized their destiny of creating luxury shoes at affordable prices.  Hence, Plomo was launched in 2010 which features shoes in the $250-$350 price range.

    I discovered Plomo at the New York shoe show this summer.  I was taken back by their innovative designs and fresh contemporary looks, and their stunning material and color choices.

    Keltse and Galia agreed to answer a few questions about how Plomo came to be.

    How did you come up with the name Plomo?  It is based on the Spanish paradox ¨pies de plomo¨ which means lead feet.  In spansh, "pies de plomo", is a very common saying which means that your feet should always be grounded to the floor. (K)

    Where do you live now? Keltse moved to New York a year ago and I still live in Mexico (G)

    What is your collection inspired by? We have many sources, but mainly art, people walking on the street and other designers. For this last collection we got inspired by my first winter living in New York.  I am from Mexico, so the climate change was a great inspiration! (K)

    Do you have a girl in mind when you design? Yes, she is  sexy, fun, smart, confident, and has a strong independent streak. (G)

    What are you most inspired by in life? Traveling and exploring different cultures. (K)

    What are your current obsessions? At the moment, I am obsessed with, Isabel Marant, beer and east coast oysters with french fries. (G)

    Are you addicted to any blogs? I can’t go a day without checking out this blog  http://www.hanneli.com/ (K).

    What is the best advice you have ever received?   It does not matter what you do as long as you are congruent with yourself (G)

    What can't you live without? My boyfriend, my friends, my english bulldog and a new travel destination. (K).

    What are your favorites on your play list right now?  The Strokes, I'll try anything once and ZOE Unplugged. The whole album is really amazing.

    If you could go back in time and bring back one trend it would be?  The 20's  (K).

    What do you do on Friday nights? I drink beer and Mezcal. (K).

    Redbull or Coffee person? Coffee. I love having a good soy latte with my friends and talking for hours. (K)

    Which of your personal possessions most clearly yell, fashion victim?  My huge oversize jajja sheep coat. (G)

    If you couldn’t design shoes and you could have any other job, what would it be? Documentary photographer.

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