• Happy Father’s Day

    Jeffrey Campbell, 2011 Father's Day

    “Can’t we afford to pay for the shoe laces in those shoes?”

    “Think again, if you think you're walking out of this house looking like that!”

    Oh Dad.
    You’re not exactly a patient person, but you tried. You let me steal your torn-up old Levis. (“You want what?”) You let me roll up your good 70’s sports jacket for the perfect “boyfriend blazer” with the leather patched elbows. You donated more than a few plain white tees to my styling cause. I never stole your shoes, but I don’t doubt you’ll ask me if I did when you see my new Jeffrey Campbells.

  • The hybrid heel

    Plomo hybrid heel wedge bootie

    Is it a heel or is it a wedge?

    Really neither, but it ROCKS! It’s a hybrid of the two.

    As a shoe buyer I have always asked myself this question before I placed a buy: does she have it in her closet? We all work too hard for our money to lay down our hard earned cash on something too similar to what we already own.

    We are insanely crazy about this one and we know you don’t have this in your closet.

    This version is by up-and-coming indie shoe designer Plomo for Fall 2011.  Ashbury Skies will have this hybrid heel and others from indie designers when we launch this fall.

    To know when this is in stock, sign up for our newsletter and be part of our indie shoe community.

  • Welcoming back the Summer of Love

    If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...



    I have always been inspired by the phenomena that occurred in San Francisco in the summer of 1967 when a group of hippies created a counterculture and changed the world. It was about new poetry, new music, new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of being. The intersection of two streets, Haight and Ashbury, became synonymous with this movement. These hippies shaped American life well beyond that summer. They lived gently with great hope and aspiration.

    Ashburyskies.com was founded with the same spirit, to bring together a collection of shoes from indie designers to express their creative freedom. We will launch our shopping site with great passion and shoe wisdom this September in San Francisco. Our interactive site will be an engaging shopping experience offering shoes from indie designers with a unique and modern point of view. Our featured brands are much like us, small and committed to contemporary urban looks. We offer a place where both designer and customers can take fashion risks.

    Welcome to our indie shoe community!

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