• Behind-the-scene photos

    Our Fall Lookbook is almost ready, but we thought we would give our blog followers a sneak peek at a couple behind-the-scene shots. We shot our Fall 2011 Lookbook in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood. It was a stunning, rare, warm sunny San Francisco day. The black boot is the "Cris" from Messeca. The red sandal is the "Flora" from Gee'WaWa. These shoes and others from indie designers will be available on our site when we launch at the end of this month. We can't wait!



    Gee WaWa Flora platform sandal, in red




    Messeca wedge boot "Cris"
  • Bohemian Princess

    I am in NY for market week right now and I walked the apparel and accessory shows yesterday. Seeing how the apparel and accessories come together at these shows makes buying shoes so much easier because i understand how the whole look comes together. It seems to be all about Navajo prints and feathers. Jewelry lines are full of colorful feather earrings and necklaces. A friend of mine in the jewelry business says her makers are running out of feathers!  It is a really great trend that everyone can wear and feel a little like a bohemian princess.

    I stumbled upon this very cool indie accessories brand on line recently that seemed to embrace the whole look and feel of what is happening in accessories right now. I am really mesmerized by this Little Doe in Love video, and the Native American influenced accessories. Chase Cohl not only handcrafts one of a kind feather headpieces, but is also singer/songwriter.  Her site is www.littledoeinlove.com. She is one talented bohemian princess.

  • The Urban Hiker

    urban hiker
    Kevoik by Philip Simon

    We liked the Urban Hiker trend so much that this was the inspiration for our Fall look book. The Philip Simon Kevoik, pictured above, speaks to this trend perfectly.  I found this new line while walking the NY shoe show last month. To me, walking a trade shoe is like walking a flea market. One is always searching for that gem that may or may not be just around the corner. It was a major find when I walked into this booth. This boot is a hiker on heels. Ashbury Skies has a lot in common with Philip Simon as we both launch our debut collections this Fall. Make sure to check out the Kevoik and more from Philip Simon on our site when we launch this August.






    marysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

  • Amy Winehouse, Valerie

    So long wild child, RIP


  • Can Shoes be Fashionable and Comfortable?


    I was reading an article by Arianna Huffington recently, where she shared that she broke her ankle while wearing “ a beautiful but ridiculous pair of heels”. She goes on to say, “Not only was I off heels for a long while, but I was on crutches and, after that, forced to wear the dreaded Broken Ankle Boot.” Admit it, we’ve all been there, maybe it didn’t end up with a broken bone, but maybe a broken ego?  This reminds me of my son, looking at my closet full of shoes saying “Mom- you have so many shoes, but you can’t even run in any of them…”  Well, technically I do run in them, I shouldn’t, but I do.

    As we’ve been building this Ashbury Skies website and telling our friends and acquaintances what we’re up to, we keep getting asked “Will there be any comfortable shoes, you know, that are cool?”   I’ll be honest, that’s not what we set out to do, but we may have accomplished that task anyway.

    As we were shooting our recent lookbook our model kept telling us how comfortable the shoes were.  In general, wedges are always a lot more comfortable than a traditional heel; there is a little bit more substance to them that helps balance out your weight.  Plus, front platforms are getting higher so this year's wedge has a more comfortable pitch. Trust me, we have plenty of wedges on the way, but we also have super comfy platform sandals, and even a platform flat, otherwise known as the “flatform.”  I’ve tried on every pair myself and am fired up that I can rock comfy shoes that are indeed cool.

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