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    So long wild child, RIP


  • Can Shoes be Fashionable and Comfortable?


    I was reading an article by Arianna Huffington recently, where she shared that she broke her ankle while wearing “ a beautiful but ridiculous pair of heels”. She goes on to say, “Not only was I off heels for a long while, but I was on crutches and, after that, forced to wear the dreaded Broken Ankle Boot.” Admit it, we’ve all been there, maybe it didn’t end up with a broken bone, but maybe a broken ego?  This reminds me of my son, looking at my closet full of shoes saying “Mom- you have so many shoes, but you can’t even run in any of them…”  Well, technically I do run in them, I shouldn’t, but I do.

    As we’ve been building this Ashbury Skies website and telling our friends and acquaintances what we’re up to, we keep getting asked “Will there be any comfortable shoes, you know, that are cool?”   I’ll be honest, that’s not what we set out to do, but we may have accomplished that task anyway.

    As we were shooting our recent lookbook our model kept telling us how comfortable the shoes were.  In general, wedges are always a lot more comfortable than a traditional heel; there is a little bit more substance to them that helps balance out your weight.  Plus, front platforms are getting higher so this year's wedge has a more comfortable pitch. Trust me, we have plenty of wedges on the way, but we also have super comfy platform sandals, and even a platform flat, otherwise known as the “flatform.”  I’ve tried on every pair myself and am fired up that I can rock comfy shoes that are indeed cool.

  • The chunky heel

    Jeffrey Campbell "Everest San Francisco" urban bootMadison Harding "Francis" heel

    Negotiating the urban jungle in heels this fall just got easier.

    The chunky heel officially replaces thinner heels from last season as the latest and greatest. Besides looking fresh, this practical heel will not get stuck in the city grates and escalators. These two stunners from Jeffrey Campbell (brick) and Madison Harding (black) will be available from Ashbury Skies this fall. A pair of these will keep people talking about your shoes, which is my litmus test for the selecting shoes we carry.

    Look for these chunky heels and more head-turners like them when the Ashbury Skies store launches this fall.




  • Shoes and art. It's personal.



    Rafael Azofeifa, artist


    My friend Yvette says buying a pair of shoes is like buying a piece of art. She is right. As with buying art, you know what you like when you see it. You can’t take your eyes off it. There’s an emotional connection. Something about a painting touches you. Shopping for shoes elicits the same emotions.   They say that one should not buy a painting to match a room as eventually one will tire of it.  The same is true about buying shoes for outfits. Buy shoes for no other reason than they speak to you. It’s personal.

    It really is a great time for indie shoe designers. Strong footwear has been trending for some time now. Women will splurge on unique, special and over the top shoes. Strong heels, big wedges, unpredictable color combinations in unexpected materials all give us reasons to buy this season.

    I am currently working on the Ashbury Skies shoe collection that will launch in this Fall.  Indie designers are really stepping outside the box right now in terms of designs. It is an exciting time in shoes. There is so much newness and freshness in the market right now. Stay tuned for my works of art.

  • Go 4th With Independent Style

    Gee'WaWa shoes and Dolce Vita Shoes for the 4th of July

    Nothing says home of the free and brave quite like a pair of bold wedges. Color? Rocket’s Red Glare of course! These hot styles from Dolce Vita (left) and Gee’WaWa (right) are a sneak peek of what’s to come when the website launches later next month. Until then go 4th in independent style!

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