• Slow things down this holiday

    Slow things down this holiday. Skip the crowds, bake with friends, phone an old friend. When you need something, choose responsibly made products. Our shoes are made ethically in sunny California, we ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making the BENDY. We support a community of shoe makers in our home state. Shop BENDY

    a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint BENDY
  • Getting Cozy in the BENDY: our made in California sneaker alternative

    Women are crushing on the BENDY shoe. This modern, stylish comfortable shoe has become a favorite of women looking for a sneaker alternative. The BENDY is stylish like a flat but as comfortable as a sneaker.  The BENDY is made in California  :) This week would be a great time to try the BENDY as we are offering $20 to try it. Enter code BLACK at check out. Shop here

    A modern, comfortable shoe. BENDY shoe



  • Why the BENDY is more comfortable: from the Founders

    Navigating the comfort verse style thing i very real dilemma that fashion conscious women tangle with everyday. Going for the orthopedic type comfort shoes were never really an option for us. And a lot of time those favorite flats that are normally comfortable just won’t make it when you are walking all day. This is why we set out to create a modern, comfortable shoe that one you can turn to when you need to be on your feet all day. Take a listen and learn just why the BENDY is more comfortable.

  • BENDY : made in California

    In Our Backyard: we Love California and the People Who Live Here!

    Our shoes are made ethically in Sunny California. Our goal is to establish direct, long-term relationships with our makers. We can ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making our shoe. We support a community of shoe makers in Los Angeles. We think how things are made should matter as much as making money. Yes, that is something to dance about. Shop BENDY

  • Meet the BENDY

    Meet the BENDY. A modern, comfortable shoe that is not in conflict with the health of the people making them and is kinder on our planet. They are stylish like flats and as comfortable as sneakers. The BENDY is handcrafted in California and more simply made so it has a lower carbon footprint. We want to put you into these seriously comfortable, well-made shoes. Shop here

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